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July 20, 2003

Meg Mallon


MODERATOR: We would like to welcome Meg to the interview area. Can you talk about your day and we'll take some questions.

MEG MALLON: Yeah, as easy and as good as it was yesterday, it's equally that difficult today. I was a little off and enough to make bogeys. Unfortunately, when you're on, you get rewarded, and if you're slightly off, you have to work hard for pars and making bogeys. I started out just missing a couple fairways, making a couple bogeys. I hit some good shots, but on the shots I hit really well, I had 4-foot breaks. I didn't have birdie putts that were straight uphill or something I could go after. It was a totally different day today as far as that went, but I still felt like I had a chance, if I would just hang in there and get the holes -- try to play aggressive on the holes coming in and make some birdies. The pin on 16 was unbelievable. What can you say? I don't know where you put a pin on that green. Truly, it's difficult. I thought I made that putt. And 17, I just hit it a foot into the ruff and didn't control the ball very well and had about a 45-footer, and I swear I thought I made that one too.

I'm very disappointed. You don't get chances like this all the time, and -- but I am encouraged about how I'm playing and would certainly like to take this game into the British Open.

Q. What does a two-shot swing like that do?

MEG MALLON: You know, I think it's the point where I really needed to take off when she was making double on 8, and I had it sitting right there in the fairway with a wedge in my hand. I had a downslope shot with a wedge and ended up checking and staying on the front. I had about a 25-footer. That's where I really felt like I had a better opportunity to try and cut the lead a little more there. Then I turned around in number 9 and made a bad drive. I was definitely my own worst enemy out there.

Q. Were you surprised how well she held it together, especially after the double bogey on eight?

MEG MALLON: We know what kind of game she has, and we're surprised she hasn't won. She really hit some fine shots coming in. Terrific shot on 16 and the shot out of the ruff, real patient, mature shot there just to get it on the green. 18, she went out and won it, and I tried to put a little pressure on her, and she handled it really well.

Q. She lost in the playoff last year and that can either give you experience or traumatize you. Obviously she used it for the experience.

MEG MALLON: It shows what kind of character she has and what drive she has to win out here. I think this will probably help her and catapult her in her career.

Q. Have you ever won a tournament when you didn't have your best stuff, when, as you said, you are your worst enemy?

MEG MALLON: Oh, sure. You don't want to try and beg off someone else's mistakes. You want to go out and win a golf tournament. The conditions -- the course got difficult today. The greens got very firm, and so as it turned out, it didn't take that. I certainly didn't start out that way either. So I had to adjust my mental framework to just try to get the ball in the green and give myself a shot to make putts.

When you're just off like that, that's why it's a great golf course. You can't could that and get rewarded.

Q. Do you think she has the potential to be a star on this Tour?

MEG MALLON: Absolutely, especially the way she handled herself today. I think she has a lot of drive. She will do well. Judging by her character in coming back from last year, the determination to win this tournament.

You got in trouble today by the way. I saw you. The police were after him. Did you guys see this? The police were after him and he moved one step over. It was classic. It's nice to be entertained out there. Thanks, Jack. That was on our way to 15, I got to watch all that.

MODERATOR: Go through the card.

(Score card done.)

MODERATOR: Any more questions for Meg?

MEG MALLON: Thanks for coming out this week you guys. All right.

End of FastScripts....

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