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July 20, 2013

Richard Sterne


RICHARD STERNE: I'm pretty happy with 68 out there.

Q. How different were the conditions this morning than they were the first two days?
RICHARD STERNE: I found it obviously a lot better today. The greens were more receptive and the flag positions were a lot more accessible, perhaps that's because the greens are not as crusty as they were the first day. And just receptive in a way so you could at least attack them on certain holes. And the pace of the greens were much friendlier speed.

Q. The watering yesterday, is that a good thing? Do you think that's a good thing to bring a course back?
RICHARD STERNE: Yeah, the first day I found the course almost -- it was going to get unplayable, if they didn't do anything about it. I'm glad they did otherwise I think it would have turned into a real disaster, to be honest. But the course is tough, even if the wind picks up. If it picks up a bit today, it will get a bit tougher, but I do think the scoring will be better.

Q. Did you notice it drying out at all during your time out there?
RICHARD STERNE: Well, the fairways are as dry as they normally are. It was just a little bit softer today, generally, because I think early morning maybe a bit of dew in the ground. But I'm sure it will firm up as the day goes on. But the greens were a little slower and more receptive, so they've definitely done a lot of watering there. But they're still going to be firm this afternoon.

Q. What about the flag positions today?
RICHARD STERNE: There's a couple of tricky ones, if you miss them in the wrong position. But I think more accessible, as I said, the greens were a bit slower. So you're not going to be seeing guys 3-putting today.

Q. A lot of complaints about 15.
RICHARD STERNE: 15 is fine today. Yesterday was a bit of a joke, to be honest.

Q. Can someone repeat that score?
RICHARD STERNE: We probably had the best weather, so but I do suspect somebody will come in with 4- or 5-under, possibly. Well, I played well, so I felt like I definitely left four or five shots out there, even. So it could have been something special if I made those putts, but I had a good finish to the round and I'm happy with 68.

Q. (Inaudible.)
RICHARD STERNE: We actually got held up on 17. We took an unplayable, so it could have been quicker. But it's nice to be done quickly. We both played well, so that kind of helped with the time, as well. I'm going to probably just watch a little bit, have some nice lunch and relax and see what the guys do. But I do suspect someone to get to 5- or 6-under by the end of the day.

Q. Another round like that tomorrow could be good position?
RICHARD STERNE: Yeah, a low round tomorrow could be really nice to finish off that way. I've played really well, so I take a lot out of there today. I put the the ball in position all the time. If I can keep giving myself the chances and take them tomorrow, it could be something good.

Q. (Inaudible.)
RICHARD STERNE: If the winds died down probably a 64 or something like that, but I'm not too sure about a 62. But a 65, maybe, 64. But I think it's going to get a bit firmer. As the day gets on, the greens become a bit bouncier. And the golf course, if you just think you can take it on at the wrong time it will bite you.

Q. (Inaudible.)
RICHARD STERNE: Yeah, it's been a pretty consistent year. I've been happy with it. It's been good. I'd just like to keep the consistency going and give myself chances going into the bigger events now and towards the end of the year hopefully I'd really like to win a big event.

Q. On the 15th yesterday, what made it so difficult?
RICHARD STERNE: It was just cut pretty much on a slope and the green there was pretty much dead where it was, so the ball just would not stop. These guys are the best in the world and you don't see people hitting putts 12 foot past on a normal golf course, should I say, if the greens were -- if they were that way today, that would never have happened yesterday. It's a bit silly some of the holes yesterday, and the day before I thought was even tougher.

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