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July 19, 2013

Nick Faldo


SIR NICK FALDO: It was great. I had a good day, it's brutal out there. I only hit one bad shot on 11. And between that, I dropped four shots between those couple of holes, with one bad shot. I said, oh, come on. And it just wears you out. So I'm delighted I did it. I don't recommend it. Don't try something when you haven't practiced, geez, don't do anything. Don't even go on the main roads unless you can turn the corner. So it was good fun.

Q. How do you describe the emotional grind, though, of doing it?
SIR NICK FALDO: Yeah, the hardest thing about this game is nobody gives you this. You could miss every single one. That's the toughest thing. You have to just keep grinding, because if you don't do the process, you will miss it. But I had some good shots. I made 3 at 10. And a couple of good chip-and-runs here and there. And belted a couple of good 3-woods. So all in all I'm quite pleased with it.

Q. As little as you played --

Q. -- how much of the time out there do you say I belong here, and how much --
SIR NICK FALDO: At least I can hit it out there sometimes. I got three drives past Freddie, in the last 36. I'm going for all these kind of -- the short game, if you're going to do it again, you have to have some sort of short game, some sort of belief if your putting.

Q. How much fun is it to play with the guys --
SIR NICK FALDO: It was a good pairing, thankful for that. It was great. We're all grinding away, but at least we keep out of each other's way. But it was good to be around those guys.

Q. Is this it for The Opens or two year in St. Andrews --
SIR NICK FALDO: If I can't -- I like Stenson's -- if I can't shuffle it -- he calls it a quick three shuffle, quick four shuffle. If you can't shuffle, then that might be it, which wouldn't be a bad play, which is wouldn't be a bad place. This is where it started with the Opens. Maybe this is the right place to end it.

Q. But is it still fun, though?
SIR NICK FALDO: It's a grinding fun. The whole experience was great. I've loved it. I came up here Sunday morning, like the good old days, as if I was trying to win, played lots of practice rounds. I played with Ernie, played with Rosie, Stenson, so that was fun. And I was able to try my best, which is cool.

Q. So you're not ruling out 2015?
SIR NICK FALDO: It's slim. Who knows. It's slim. At least I have that opportunity. So I will review it.

Q. You don't get that picture --
SIR NICK FALDO: The picture on the Swilcan Bridge. Yeah, I could just run out anytime. Middle of play, just walk out, put the bag down. That might be far more enjoyable, might get a better kick out of doing it like that.

Q. Any thoughts on who could win this thing right now?
SIR NICK FALDO: I don't know. A lot is going to happen because it's the rub of the greens, my goodness. It's harsh out there. You can hit really good shots and they fall off and you can see them wandering around. I felt that it's a shame the way 15 had ended up. It was one of the great holes at 15. A 3-wood in there. I've never played a chip-and-run at 460 yard par-4. I had a 70-yard chip-and-run at every bunker. I was in half shock. Twas one of my favorite holes with the famous 5-iron. Anything. If it stays like this, these greens burnt to a crisp, something dramatic is going to happen. This golf course is going to cost more guys the chance than the one guy is going to come through, obviously. But I think we're going to see half a dozen guys come off scratching their heads. They all had an opportunity. Something bounce and run, whatever. It's going to be pretty severe. It's a long hole. Tough test.

Q. So you'll have a day off?
SIR NICK FALDO: I've got two years off, what are you talking a day off? (Laughter).

Q. Any highlights in the last couple of days here?
SIR NICK FALDO: Yeah, plenty of highlights. I've been serious, that view standing on the first tee yesterday was great. Coming up the last with Tom. I hit a couple of great shots. As I said, it's nice to get it right. I'll have erased the rotten ones.

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