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July 19, 2013

Oliver Fisher


OLIVER FISHER: You hit decent shots into greens, then you've got tricky putts or a tough time to make a two-putt or walk off with par. You can tell that by the scoring; the scoring is difficult. I'm obviously glad with finishing par, par to make the cut.

Q. A few said they couldn't play some of the clubs in the bag. Did you feel restricted?
OLIVER FISHER: I just think it's hard to -- you really have to be making the right decisions out there. If you don't make the right decision, you're making a bogey. It's not as simple as looking at the book, and going oh, it's 290 there, just knock a 4-iron down. Because it can hit a bank and run out. It's pretty tricky in that sense. But I think it's fair. You can still go out and shoot a decent score, if you hit it in the right spots in the fairway. It's not like you cannot hit the the green. You can definitely score out there. It's key to make the right decisions.

Q. Were you conscious as where you thought the cut might be as you were coming up 17 or 18?
OLIVER FISHER: I figured the cut would be 5- or 6-over par. A few pins coming in are pretty tricky. Even though the holes, 14 and 15 are playing downwind. 15 is a really tough pin. And 14 is playing really hard to hit that green today. So it's not easy out there. At the moment I'm making the cut, if it stays the same, it would be nice to play a weekend at a Major.

Q. How exciting that that?
OLIVER FISHER: It's a positive to look forward to on the weekend. The conditions are tough, and you can try and go up the board a bit.

Q. Are you going to go out on the range?
OLIVER FISHER: Yeah, I'm going to hit some balls. The range is good. It's slightly into breeze.

Q. Lee Westwood said he's going to sit down and watch the cricket match.
OLIVER FISHER: He's top of the leaderboard, isn't he? So it's nice to do that.

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