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July 19, 2013

Tiger Woods


Q. How did you find it out there today?
TIGER WOODS: It was difficult out there today. The wind obviously is a completely different direction than it was yesterday. On top of that we've had quite a bit of moisture on the greens overnight. We actually made a couple of ball marks early. It obviously changed a lot as we were playing along. Our last four holes -- our last five holes, it got awfully quick. But one thing that G and I were both talking about today is we never got an uphill putt to the hole. We were really struggling with that, they were so much slower than yesterday. But coming down the hills, they're running out still.

Q. Are you okay with them doing that to the course? Did it throw you off? Seemed like early you were having a hard time.
TIGER WOODS: I was having a hard time to get the ball, one, to chase, and then on top of that trying to hit the putts hard enough going up the hills. But then towards the middle part of my round I lost the pace and was blowing it past the hole. But finally got it fixed at the end.

Q. The power par saves on 10, 14, 15, you were working the backside.
TIGER WOODS: It was tough out there. Like the 10th hole, that putt's tough, because, again, I was explaining earlier, it was uphill, and it's slow. But it gets past the hole and it goes downhill and downwind. But it was a nice putt to make there. 13, as far as past that putt would have gone yesterday if it hadn't gone in, is about as far short as I ended up today. And I happened to make it.

Q. How about your putting right now, is it close to being where it was a few years ago?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, you know what, I was leading strokes game most of the year.

Q. But feeling-wise?
TIGER WOODS: I'm putting good this year. (Laughter) Sorry, but I do feel good over it. And like I have most of the year. It's tough out there right now with the wind blowing a little bit. It's moving putts. We had to allow for some -- we needed to hold it or to move it. And that's all feel. And hopefully you guess right.

Q. How does it set you up for the weekend?
TIGER WOODS: I'm in a good spot. I'm tied for the clubhouse lead I think now with Henrik and Westie. These guys have to go out this afternoon and obviously play a golf course that's quick and it's drying out and with a different wind. So it will be tough out there.

Q. Will you watch them suffer?
TIGER WOODS: I'm going to go eat. I might, might not.

Q. What do you have to do over the weekend to score the way you want to?
TIGER WOODS: Just continue plodding along. Just continue just being patient, putting the ball in the right spots and trying -- we're not going to get a lot of opportunities out there, but when I have, I've been able to capitalize, and hopefully I can continue doing that.

Q. Do you feel you've been patient enough on weekends at Majors in the last few years?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I've been right there. I give myself chances. And this is going to be a difficult one, if the wind continues to come out of the east, I think what the forecast is for tomorrow, and maybe a little bit cooler, obviously if it's a little cooler, a little more humidity in the air. We'll see what they do overnight on the golf course, see if they put just a little water on or they just let it go.

Q. What do you think it might take over the weekend score-wise to win?
TIGER WOODS: I don't know. It's one of those things where it's changed daily. The practice rounds, I've played early, and there are quite a few ball marks out there. Then we get out there yesterday where there's nothing. And hitting 6-irons in a couple of holes that were going 275, 280. Today I hit a sand wedge about 180 on one of the holes out there. With this golf course, it's what this golf course does. It's so quick. It depends on where you land, on what side of the slope. Is it on the backside or the front side and that determines a lot how far the ball is going to go. It's going to be a big test.

Q. You've had some wonderful performances in the majors the last few years. Obviously you haven't won. Do you ever let that get to you, do you say, I wanted this badly?
TIGER WOODS: You continue playing, continue putting myself there. I'm not going to win every Major I play in, but certainly I can try and put myself there. If I give myself enough opportunities, I'll get my share, and I think I have so far in my career.

Q. Is it hard to believe it's been five years, though?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, well, I've put myself there, I just haven't won. I've had chances on the back nine on many of those Sundays. Just one of those things where I haven't gotten it. Just continue putting myself there.

Q. There's a few people that have ever hit the greens like you do. When you bring Joey in on 8, is he confirming what you think you see or reading it on his own?
TIGER WOODS: I let him read it on his own and then we confer. I only bring him on the hard ones.

Q. That's why I'm asking.
TIGER WOODS: The easy ones I've got; they're easy.

Q. Are you looking for a confirmation from him?
TIGER WOODS: A lot of times I am. And other times I'm seeing two different things, one from behind the ball, one from behind the hole. And I just want to get what he sees. A lot of times we read putts, where I want him to say what it does early, what it does late. If there's going to be a transition anywhere on the putt.

Q. Is that what happened on? You actually paused and you don't do that.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I was really -- I felt left center, but I kept looking at it. I feel more dead straight to right center. And then maybe I need to play left center, because the wind is blowing, it's coming off my left, going to move it down the hill. Maybe, maybe not. And then I blocked it.

Q. How many drivers did you hit?
TIGER WOODS: I've hit, I believe, about eight or ten.

Q. Where?
TIGER WOODS: On the range (laughter). I got you.

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