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July 18, 2013

Paula Creamer


Q.  We're joined here by Paula Creamer who shot 66 in the first round at the Marathon Classic.  Paula, great round.  Awesome start.  Take us through the round, how you felt out there obviously trying to stay cool in these hot and humid conditions.
PAULA CREAMER:  Yeah, I feel good.  I love coming back to Toledo.  It's  great golf course and the fans here are awesome.  Trying to get my right foot on the gas pedal out here.
You can make lots of birdies, but you can't put too much pressure on yourself or you don't compete where you want to be.
But at the same time, I love coming here.  This golf course just suits my eye really well.

Q.  I saw your throwback Thursday Instagram pic with the trophy.

Q.  That would pretty cool just on a Thursday getting started to look at that picture and think of the good memories here.  I know you said you were going to try to play off some good memories.  How did that come into play playing in the first round, getting the first round done?
PAULA CREAMER:  It was good.  I mean,  obviously winning at a golf course is huge and you can go back to.  Having my career‑low round here is also a positive.  Definitely gives you a little bit more confidence in that sense.
But I been starting to play well.  Last week I hit the ball great; just couldn't really make any putts; couldn't see the greens.
This week I have been hitting the ball really well and I can actually see these greens a little bit better. So hopefully make some more birdies tomorrow and then have a good weekend.

Q.  You're someone who takes care of your body and your good on the health, hydrations, all that stuff.  Tell us about preparation coming into today.
PAULA CREAMER:  Well, I mean,  everybody thinks constantly about drinking fluids, Gatorade, water, all that kind of stuff.
It's just as important to eat out there and give your body the nourishment that it needs.  It's hard to eat when it's this hot, but that's something that is just as important.  No soda or noh ting like that.   Anything that dehydrates you you can't take.
It's important.  Our bodies are our jobs.  If you don't give it the right things it needs to operate out there, you're going to struggle coming down the stretch.

Q.  Well great first round.  Good luck the rest of the week.
PAULA CREAMER:  Thank you.

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