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July 18, 2013

Adam Scott


Q. Can you talk about your round, please?
ADAM SCOTT: It's always hard making birdies at a Major. They're the toughest ones to go by. But there was a lot of good stuff out there today. A couple of surprises, I have to say, just with how firm the course has gotten again overnight, even, and especially the greens, by the end of the day. I mean, some of them it's like glass around the hole. It's testing, you've got to be really careful. And I made a couple of great putts today but I also let a couple slip away. I think even is pretty reflective to how I played.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, look, absolutely. I think some of the weight of Major Championship golf has been lifted off my shoulders, for sure, and more so coming to The Open this year, after what happened last year. And I've got a lot of expectation to play well this week, if I hadn't won the Masters. And I think it's a little easier to perform having won a Major now. But I still haven't won The Open and I'd dearly love to.

Q. With the conditions in mind do you look forward to getting off just after 9:00 tomorrow?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah. I hear the wind might switch, so we'll see if that happens, but that's no problem. I've been here, I've played a lot of rounds. But you're always adapting to the conditions. Like I said, it got so much more fiery overnight, even for today, and we'll see what happens for tomorrow, we might have another golf course to play tomorrow on a different wind. The best thing you can do is adapt quickly, and just, you know, deal with the situation out there.

Q. Was it bordering on unfair?
ADAM SCOTT: Look, some of the pin spots are really -- they're borderline, you know. 18 is pretty close. I mean, it's just so dry. And it's just like there's no friction when the ball rolls. It's getting pretty spooky out there. But I guess they're very confident that there's going to be no big wind.

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