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July 18, 2013

Gareth Wright


Q. What did you think about the condition of the greens?
GARETH WRIGHT: The greens are getting firm and fast, a little bit crispy in places. If you hit it in the wrong place on the greens, you can be almost trying to hit a 20-foot putt an inch. There's some putts out there that you could never -- I've played here lots of times, and it doesn't matter how many times you've played here, you can't imagine how to hit those putts because they're getting firm and fast and they're getting very shiny.

Q. What about some of the pin positions, there's tricky ones.
GARETH WRIGHT: Yeah, I was pretty fortunate today, I hit the ball pretty good and didn't really leave myself too many silly putts or chips. I can't really comment on some of those, because I kind of left myself in good places. So, yeah, I was quite pleased with how I played and my putts and chips to some of the pins.

Q. In terms of the rounds, pretty steady going, really, just across the course, the whole round, you must be pretty pleased with how that shaped out?
GARETH WRIGHT: Yeah, I started off nicely and just kind of carried on really all the way through. There wasn't really any ups and downs. I think in Major golf you have to expect that you're going to make some bogeys, and hopefully try and make some birdies. You could hit the middle of the fairway on some holes and maybe get a bad bounce here or there, but that's links golf. So you don't really have to think about it too much, just see where your ball is and just try and keep going.

Q. What about for tomorrow, how do you set your targets now?
GARETH WRIGHT: Same as today. Go out there and play one shot at a time and see where you are and what happens. I don't think you can really think too far ahead on this golf course. If you think too far ahead, I think you could get yourself into some real trouble. So I think just playing steady golf and sticking to the game plan really.

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