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July 18, 2013

John Wade


Q. What do you think about the greens out there?
JOHN WADE: Yeah, actually it's probably the last thing -- I considered they would be slippery. I come from Melbourne, so I'm used to Royal Melbourne and stuff. They're unbelievably quick, even uphill a couple of times you think you've got something uphill, and nothing to stop it, just six foot past. I don't know if anyone 4-putted and stuff. But it was pretty easy to get one going. And then hit the hole again and just have, yeah, have a bunch of putts, make you look pretty stupid. But they're very, very slippery. And with not much wind forecast, they can get them down nice and low. We're pretty used to it in Australia. The quicker the better, but it did take us by surprise a little, I think.

Q. A few tough pin positions?
JOHN WADE: Yeah, well, I wasn't complaining about it, but I didn't have enough control over my irons to get it to the spots you needed to. I had a lot of long putts. If you had good control I think you could still -- hard to get it to, you know, inside sort of ten feet, but I think you could still get the ball somewhere within range. And if you hole a few 15-footers you can make a score. I just didn't have enough control over my irons to get it near the flag stick.

Q. Is it scorable out there?
JOHN WADE: Yeah, a lot of guys seem to be eating up the first few holes. That's probably where I struggled, because I didn't capitalize maybe on the par-5, the 5th, a bogey, and you needed to play really hard from 6 onwards. So I think looking at maybe, it looks like the guys are getting the score early and maybe dropping a couple coming in, and there's your 3-under. It's hard from -- I think par is a pretty good score out there, yeah.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JOHN WADE: Yeah, I haven't played any golf at all and this is pretty big for me. So I will just reset a little bit. I think that's five hours of pretty full on concentration, which I haven't done for a while. It will do me good, harden me up a little bit today. And I'd just like to trust it a bit more tomorrow. I probably didn't let it go enough. At the end of the day it was okay.

Q. Some of the scores out there, you must be pretty pleased with where you are?
JOHN WADE: Yeah, I probably thought -- the challenge for me was mentally, just try and believe in yourself and all that. Because obviously I haven't got the rounds on the board in the recent times. This place can swallow you up if you're not switched on. I worked pretty hard mentally just to believe in myself out there and belong there. And still couldn't let it go. But, yeah, as you say, I had a reasonable number compared with some others that obviously are out here every week, yeah.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JOHN WADE: Yeah, I think so. 4:00 can work for or against you, I think. The dust settles a little bit and get out late and learn a bit from today. As long as I prepare good. It's a long day to get out at 4. But it might be a nice time to play. So just pretend it's a twilight game of golf, maybe.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JOHN WADE: Yeah, it will go -- I suppose, yeah, I tried actually aim a little high than just making up numbers. Because I feel like I've been working on some nice stuff at home and I played nice at Dunbar in qualifying. Obviously this is a step up, but I'm fairly experienced with how to go about it. So I was trying to forget about how little golf I've played and try to just seize the moment. So that's sort of what I'll do tomorrow. Once you play one round, you feel like you've probably been out here for ages, again. Hopefully tomorrow, yeah, hopefully the cut isn't going to be too low.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JOHN WADE: Look, I've got full status in Australia again, which is nice. So at least I can plan the end of the year around work. But, look, as you know, in Australia it's a fairly short season. You've got to travel and that means at that my age it is probably not on the agenda. But at least I know I've got some opportunities and some big events. This is a good sort of prep for that. That's where I'm at. No worries, at all. Cheers.

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