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July 18, 2013

Stewart Cink


Q. Talk about the day. You got off to a good start.
STEWART CINK: Yeah, it was a good start, 2-under through the first nine is good. But then I just hit a couple of crooked tee balls on the last nine, where hitting the bunker two times and it went straight sideways, and a couple shots from the rough that I couldn't control and made some bogeys. It wasn't anything -- I'm not looking back saying, why did I do that? You're going to make some bogeys. The golf course is playing easy and it's playing tough at the same time. If you miss the fairways, you've got a lot of work to do because of the guessing that has to happen with all the roll you're getting, especially from the rough with a flier. You almost have no idea how far you're going to hit it. And the greens were picking up speed. I couldn't believe how fast they were toward the end of the day. I three-putted on 14, I had about a 35, 40-foot putt and I hit it 15 feet past. And everything on the back nine was just racing past the hole. So in the afternoon I don't think they're going to get any slower.

Q. Is the breeze just enough to make you have to think about it and dry the greens?
STEWART CINK: It's the perfect amount of breeze, really. I was walking up the 17th hole thinking, I don't know if I've ever had this much fun playing a course in a tournament that meant so much. It's so much fun out there. Every shot is like a chess match. It's exactly what links ought to be, really. The wind is up about maybe 10 miles an hour, but it's just enough to make you think about your club selection and your trajectories and your curves. It's beautiful. The course is absolutely perfect.

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