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July 18, 2013

Lexi Thompson


Q. ¬†We're joined by Lexi Thompson.¬† Just shot 6‑under, 65, [sic] and currently second at the Marathon Classic.¬† Started off bogey, bogey; finished birdie, birdie.¬† Take us through your round, the ups and downs.
LEXI THOMPSON:¬† Yeah, I started off pretty bad.¬† Started off bogey, bogey.¬† Missed a few putts in the beginning.¬† I just tried not worry about it too much.¬† I know there are a lot of birdie chances out here, so I just let it go and hit a few good shots coming in and then went for the last few Par‑5s and made birdies.

Q.¬† Yeah, they said the setup might be to the advantage of ling hitters.¬† Obviously you're in that category.¬† Did you think you would have an advantage coming into some of the par‑5s today?
LEXI THOMPSON:¬† Yeah, I feel like the par‑5s out here are definitely an advantage.¬† I can hit my driver then go for the hole.¬† So I went driver, 3‑wood on both and reached.
But definitely an advantage.  You definitely have to hit it in the fairway here.  I think that's the main point.

Q.  You said you made a few putts that you really wanted to make.  Your putting has been kind of a struggle.  How has it been reading these greens and how has it been setting up for you?
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yeah, I actually made a few longer putts today which got my confidence up a little bit.  I missed a few short ones, too, but I guess that's golf.
Me and Greg were reading them as team today, so that felt really good.  I think it's just all about confidence when you get over a putt, so that's what I'm working on.

Q.¬† First time here at the Toledo event, sort of one of the longest‑standing events on the LPGA.¬† Overall thoughts on the event?
LEXI THOMPSON:  I'm very happy to be here.  I've heard nothing but great things about the Marathon Classic and just Toledo overall.  The fans love it.
I'm so very happy to be here and get to experience this and hopefully come back.

Q.  How important was it to get off to a solid start and getting your feet under you, especially on a course you're not particularly familiar with?
LEXI THOMPSON:  It's very important.  Like I said, it's been kind of a struggle with me.  I've started off with first round even pars and been so far back, like six or seven back after the first day.
So getting a 5‑under is very important.¬† Just going to go out tomorrow with the same attitude and hopefully shoot the same.

Q.¬† Does it influence you at all that the last six winners are averaging 17‑, 18‑under?¬† You have to have a lot of birdies in order to win here, it seems.
LEXI THOMPSON:  You do.  There are a lot of birdie holes out here and many opportunities.  You can't think about what you have to shoot.  You just have to take one hole at a time and one shot at a time and just see where that goes.

Q.  What has it been like going from dad to Spiderman as your caddie?
LEXI THOMPSON:  He does have some little Spidey moves on the putting green.  Greg's been great.  We're a really good team, and we've been working together for probably about a year and a half now.
He just knows every golf course so well, and he's getting to know my game pretty much as good as me.  We make a good team out there.

Q.  Are you used to all the attention?
LEXI THOMPSON:  Used to all the attention?

Q.  Yeah.
LEXI THOMPSON:  You know, yeah, I mean, I guess I've sort of gotten used to it being out here at a young age.  I don't mind the media.  It's a way to speak out to your fans and reach out to them.

Q.  U.S. Open, age 12, what's it like standing on the tee?
LEXI THOMPSON:  I remember that tee shot.  I actually tee'd off No. 10 the first day and I was so nervous.  It was raining so there wasn't that many people out there.  But I was so nervous.  I've never had my leg shaking for a shot.
I ended up hitting it well, but it was just so exciting to be there.  I think once I made it to that Open I realized that I wanted to be out here.

Q.  I notice you don't say a whole lot out there to other players or caddies.  Is that nervousness are or not knowing them or what is that?
LEXI THOMPSON:  Just more me being in my zone.  I will talk, but if I'm struggling out there I usually keep to myself.  I just like to focus on myself and focus on one shot at a time.

Q.  You got this look.
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yeah, yeah.  Once I step foot on the golf course I'm in my zone.  Yeah.

Q.  So are you the next great American golfer?  Seems like the South Koreans are taking over.
LEXI THOMPSON:  No, you know, there are a lot of good American golfers out here.  There is so much competition.  Doesn't matter where you're from.  It matters how well you bring it out on the golf course.

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