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August 24, 2003

Meg Mallon


MEG MALLON: What can I say? I thought I was Irish but I guess I am not. I had to turn it in, my Irish card today because I had no luck out there. How do you describe the round? I had some opportunities for birdies. I guess as good as I felt the first two days over the putter I was completely confused today over it and didn't maximize my talent, so to speak, out there because I had some opportunities to make some putts. I put myself in good positions below the hole a lot, and just the ball didn't go in the hole. Even when I hit good shots, I got actually I putt (laughs) (inaudible) good luck. It's always bad luck to hit the pin. That was really bad luck there because I guess I hit the bottom of the hole and came right out. That's the way it goes unfortunately; not my day.

Q. Greens putting any differently today, the first 3?

MEG MALLON: No, actually I thought the speed was better today than yesterday for sure. I thought they had slowed down a bit after that rain on Friday night before Saturday's round. I thought today they had a very good speed to them.

Q. We didn't see a whole lot of birdies from the leaders down the stretch. Was it the pin position, hard greens, can you pinpoint that?

MEG MALLON: For me it was just not getting the ball in the hole. Certainly had the opportunities to make them. So I am not sure the greens, you know, I was noticing the last three holes they were kind of shiny and crusty a little bit so maybe that was not allowing the ball to roll true so to speak. But I don't know, they were getting hard fast for sure. So I am sure that was part of it.

Q. Can you take us through the second shot at 17 and the bunker shot?

MEG MALLON: 17, I had what I felt like was a perfect full swing yardage and made a bad golf swing there. I didn't think I deserved the ball to bury in the sand but unfortunately it did so I didn't have much of an opportunity to get it close to the hole. I thought I made my putt. I hit it right where I wanted to. It was one of the putts I actually hit it on line and felt like it was going to go in, but it's just too bad I couldn't get after hitting one bad golf shot, you know, kind of like how it's been for me. If I hit a bad golf shot I get severely penalized. I get plugs in the bunker and I don't have I can't get much club on the ball to spin it. It just bad time to have a bad golf swing but it's certainly was bad luck right along with it too.

Q. I know after seven holes there's still a long way to go, but she went from 1 ahead of you to 2 behind of you after the 7th. Did you feel like as long as you were playing steady that you could maybe get the advantage over her?

MEG MALLON: It's funny I wasn't playing much play with Candie because as I said yesterday they were both they were playing in front of me that I knew they were going to charge. Sure enough, Se Ri made a charge and Koch did, so it wasn't trying to stay too focus on Candie because Candie was doing the birdie bogey deal on the front side. She made three bogeys and three birdies. I was kind of envious of her birdies a little bit because at least she was seeing the ball go in the hole. No, I didn't get too caught up on it on the front side. I knew the back side is where the tournament starts and certainly did.

Q. The eagle chip on 18 how did it look from your vantage point?

MEG MALLON: I knew when I heard it hit the pin I knew nothing good I mean we never want to hit the pin because nothing good comes out of hitting the pin. Unfortunately I guess it went all the way down the bottom of the hole. I didn't see it. I couldn't see it but I heard it. And I thought it actually had gone well off the green the way it sounded, so that's just the way it goes. That's unfortunate. Too bad it didn't stay in the hole. It would have been fun.

Q. (Inaudible)?

MEG MALLON: Good news is that I am playing well. And I played well today without putting well. So I guess you know, I can bring a lot of confidence into it and I know our team is playing well so I am psyched about that. We have veteran players that are playing some really good golf right now and we're looking forward to going over there and making the crowd very quiet hopefully. (Laughs).

Q. Candie for a second obviously you a chance to watch her how she conducted herself in this final round. Talked about all those veterans that were chasing the top today. A 22 year old with one career victory holds everybody off?

MEG MALLON: Well, you know she's had a lot of momentum this year. She's having a terrific year and a lot of confidence and I know that it's always nice to get your second win quickly. So good for her. She handled herself really well. I thought her putt on 17 was the key putt of the tournament. She stepped right up there and hit it in like a 22 year old does. She really handled herself well down the stretch. She didn't rush. Like on 18 she took her time over that chip shot, knew how important it was. I tip my hat off to her, she may have struggled a little bit early but she hung in there and kind of found her game and hit a super pitch shot or a little chip shot on No. 14, that saved her round also, I thought. Because I thought if she makes bogey there it's going to be tough. Making that tee shot on the par 3. She did all the right things.

Q. (Inaudible)?

MEG MALLON: No. 9 finally, I hit a 9 iron to I guess we'll call it 18 feet, made that.

No. 10, I hit it about 35 yards over the green. I hit a flier out of the right rough and hit a flop shot up to probably about 15 feet, 2 putted for bogey there.

Then 11 I came back and hit a pitching wedge to six feet, made that. 17 I hit it 8 iron in the bunker, bunker shot out to probably 15 feet there. 2 putt.

18, I hit a sand wedge pitch shot up to we'll call it six inches. Six inches too short.

End of FastScripts....

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