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July 14, 2013

Martin Laird


Q.テつ 14‑under total, looks like you'll be the leading Scottish player, how do you feel about the week?
MARTIN LAIRD:テつ Very pleased, came out today, wanted to shoot a little better than 4‑under but after my start, happy with four newer.テつ Played well today and best all week by far and very pleased with where I'm sitting.

Q.テつ How exciting to head into The Open in this form and presumably feeling very well prepared?
MARTIN LAIRD:テつ Yeah, my warmup was probably one of the best warmups I've had in a while.テつ So even though I had the can you believe bogey down the first, I wasn't panicking too much, I said to myself walking off one, if I hit it like I hit it on the range I'll be okay.
Started hitting the ball well, and now excited about next week.テつ Now that this week is over, I can start thinking about next week, but first and foremost, excited to have played well here.

Q.テつ What sort of test was it and why did you pass it so well?
MARTIN LAIRD:テつ It was a lot harder today.テつ We were saying that, if it blew like this all four days, I don't think anyone would be saying this golf course is too easy.テつ I putted really well, actually the best I played all week.テつ Got off to a terrible start making double‑bogey down the first and managed to rebound well.

Q.テつ I know any time you come back, it's not very often because you're based in the States and you're desperate to do yourself justice here; so I wonder what kind of encouragement you're getting from the crowds here, particularly on the back nine.
MARTIN LAIRD:テつ Yeah, definitely, the crowds have been fantastic all year.テつ Every year we've been here they have been fantastic.テつ It's a great spot for us to come for our National Open.
When I started making some birdies on the back nine, I thought if maybe I could birdie the last couple and see what happens, it was fun to be in the mix, Scottish Open, it's kind of one of the tournaments that I've dreamt about being in the mix for my whole life and it was fun.

Q.テつ Another is The Open; what sort of confidence do you take into that because of this?
MARTIN LAIRD:テつ Yeah, especially playing the way I did for the wind.テつ I don't know what the forecast is next week but I'm sure we'll get a couple days like this.テつ I hit the ball really well today, and hopefully I can do that next week and see what happens.

Q.テつ There are some obvious differences between Castle Stuart and Muirfield in terms of links play.テつ What have you learned today that you can take to Muirfield next week?
MARTIN LAIRD:テつ You know, today was a good day‑‑ I mean, I wasn't thinking about it out there but looking back, a good day getting used to, I hit 5‑iron from 158 yards on one hole and we are hitting 9‑iron from 200 yards on another hole downwind.テつ Takes some getting used to.
My last shot I only had 112 yards and had a 9‑iron; it's hard to kind of get in that thinking of you can hit it and not worry about going over.テつ Looking back, that will probably be what I took out of today in these blustery conditions and I'm sure will get me ready for next week.

Q.テつ You've had four Opens, three missed cuts; you must feel better going into this one.
MARTIN LAIRD:テつ Yeah, definitely.テつ My major record in general wasn't very good until the last couple years and I've started to figure them out a little bit.テつ I used to be a little impatient on the golf course, and you can't do that in Majors.テつ And I think that today showed that I've matured a little bit with my start and coming back and shooting 4‑under after double‑bogeying the first hole.テつ Hopefully I can take that next week and play well.

Q.テつ What were the galleries like?
MARTIN LAIRD:テつ They were fantastic.テつ All week they have been fantastic and it's fun coming down the stretch in contention and having the home support rooting for you and hearing your name getting shouted and you know when you've hit a good shot, everyone is cheering.テつ It's always fun to come back and especially nice when you're playing well.

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