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July 13, 2013

Tom Watson


MODERATOR:テつ Tom Watson, 3 over for today, 3 over total.
TOM WATSON:テつ Why would you want to talk to me?テつ 73.テつ Pretty lousy day out there for me.テつ I struggled with the driver, didn't hit the ball in the fairway enough times, and I didn't hit the irons very well today.
Yesterday, I hit the ball a little better, quite a bit better than I did today.テつ But again, not too many birdies.テつ You make four birdies in three days, you can't do that and expect to win a golf tournament.
So 3 over par, and I needed to shoot a good round today, and at least 3 or 4 under par today to at least sniff it or scare it, and it wasn't to be.

Q.テつ How about tomorrow?テつ What do you have to go out and do tomorrow?
TOM WATSON:テつ Well, tomorrow, I'll just work on a couple things that I was trying to work on today that didn't‑‑ it didn't pan out, but I know they were the right things to work on ‑‑ and see if I can get some results from those and get some confidence going into next week, the British Open over at Muirfield.
So I'm going to try to shoot the lowest possible score.テつ But on the other hand, if I need to make an adjustment, I'll make an adjustment out there.

Q.テつ On No. 6, par 5, were you thinking above the hole would be a good place to be?テつ Is that where you were trying to hit that approach shot?
TOM WATSON:テつ Well, the flag is up on the second level, and I just hit the ball into the back edge and didn't have a tough putt, just down the hill.テつ I just, I goosed it.テつ I just hit it too hard.テつ Had a ten‑footer coming back and didn't make it.テつ That's a disappointment there.
Hitting the ball in the rough at No. 8, I couldn't get home out of the rough there, and that's disappointing.テつ That's a big, wide fairway, shouldn't miss that fairway.
And then just a poor iron shot at 16, but I had a good iron shot at 3 and knocked the stick at 3, and hit a few good iron shots, No. 6 or 7, par 3, I hit a good iron shot there.
But overall, the driver was a little bit haywire today.テつ Didn't keep the ball straight enough and hit the ball in this heavy rough, which is not the place to be.

Q.テつ Tom, we're close enough to the 18th green where we can hear what's happening out there.テつ You were the first guy who come in where there was a very, very loud reception when you came up.テつ That must make you feel pretty good.
TOM WATSON:テつ It was, but I hit a good shot in there.テつ But then I blew the putt.テつ I had about five feet, and I blew the putt.テつ I guess maybe they saw a good shot there, hadn't seen too many good shots.
I'd give a hand too for anybody coming up the hill.テつ I think it was more for me coming up the hill than anything else.

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