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July 13, 2013

Simon Khan


Q.テつ Solid start to the back, went for the sucker pin on 14 which you can't go for and bogeyed that.テつ But then birdied 16, 17.テつ Hit a good shot into 17.
SIMON KHAN:テつ I don't know what I've done to the front of my leg, but I've tweaked something in the front of my thigh.テつ I sort of walked off 17 with a 4‑iron, which you can do with an iron but off the last, I sort of held back and hooked it left and going to have a bit of physio to be honest.テつ Doesn't feel right.
I got a terrible lie down the left just trying to hit an 8‑iron back into play, almost plugged in the wispy rough, nothing around it but just the ball was really bad.テつ And then I got one of those lies for my third shot where it could jump, it couldn't, into the wind, 9‑iron, and you've just got to hit it hard and it came out a bit hot and I didn't hit a good chip to be honest.
A bit disappointed with the ending but looks like around 15, maybe 16 could be leading at the end of it, and around this course, low scores are possible, especially coming from behind.
So I'd like to have obviously finished 13, 14, but still got a very good chance.

Q.テつ And as for the leg, it really is hard to pin down what has happened.テつ You had not felt anything earlier in the day?
SIMON KHAN:テつ I I hit it on the green on 16 and I walked off the tee and just felt something go, sort of top of my‑‑ I don't know what it's called, but the top of my thigh.テつ Tried to stretch it a bit, just off the last tee there, I sort of didn't quite get through it and hooked it in the wind.テつ Terrible shot.テつ I'm sure it will be all right, just a few aches and pains, you know, long week (laughing).

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