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July 13, 2013

Peter Uihlein


Q.テつ Talk about how the day has mapped out?
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ I think I got six birdies.テつ Got windy in the afternoon and I made some birdies, which was nice, but I had a disappointing finish with the bogey, but right there for tomorrow and we'll see how it goes.

Q.テつ You seem to throw a dodgy one every now and then and try to back from it; nice challenge.テつ
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ Yeah, I would like to stop doing that, but it's golf and it's a challenge.

Q.テつ And essentially you've been right up there in that mix with the chance still very much alive.
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ I hear the weather is supposed to be a little different tomorrow but I've heard it's supposed to be really Wendy.テつ But you never know until you get out here.テつ I'm excited for the opportunity again and I felt like today I handled it pretty well and I was able to bounce back a little bit so that was nice.

Q.テつ I guess the wind did pick up a bit and it's got a lot chillier?
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ Yeah, it did get cold.テつ I like the warm weather; I like it when it's hot and I'm sweating a bit.テつ It was windy but at the same time, if you played in the windy conditions, that means you earned it and you played well the first two days, so you can't really be too upset about it.

Q.テつ You seem to be suffering a little sniffles, is that just hayfever?
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ Yeah, hayfever, eyes itching, killing my contacts and my contacts get a little blurry but I've been like this for about a month now, so it's all right.

Q.テつ Doesn't affect your game overly?
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ No, just double up on the meds and go.

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