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July 13, 2013

Paul Casey


PAUL CASEY:テつ That was a good, solid round of golf.テつ I apologized‑‑ I panicked; I didn't hurt anybody on 17 but never thought we were going to get that close to the crowds.テつ Apologise if we scared anybody.
But you know, still a tricky golf course, even though it was pretty benign out there and the flags were laying fairly limp when we came down the last, but it is difficult, and if you get the right side of things, you can make a lot of birdies.テつ You get the wrong side of it, it's almost impossible, but I put myself in a good position for tomorrow which is what counts.

Q.テつ How much confidence do you carry into Castle Stuart since your first event since winning in Ireland?
PAUL CASEY:テつ I carry a lot going in.テつ Wasn't sure how I was going to play this week.テつ Last week as an off‑week at a friend's wedding.テつ Wasn't sure what kind of touch and feel I would have this week but it's come back very, very quickly.
The ball‑striking has been good for quite a while, and so I feel very happy.テつ I feel full of energy, especially after not playing last week.テつ There's a lot of energy in the body, and this has been a fairly sort of quiet week which is nice.テつ The waterproofs haven't been on and I'm raring to go.
Need to play good golf tomorrow; not in The Open Championship, so confidence is high, and we'll try to tear it to pieces tomorrow.

Q.テつ I remember after your win in Ireland, you said it was a mixture of half relief and satisfaction.テつ Has the balance of emotion changed on reflection?
PAUL CASEY:テつ No, it's still the same feeling, but I think it's really lit a fire under me that I can really play some great golf the rest of the season, and this is merely a steppingstone; not that I've won The Irish Open and I'm back to my best form; really that I need to keep pushing ahead, and what that I am working on is the right stuff.テつ Try to work my way back up the World Rankings and get winning events.テつ The Ryder Cup qualification will be around the corner, so there's a lot to play for the rest of the season.

Q.テつ And indeed there is tomorrow, no the just this big winner's cheque but the incentive of you getting into The Open because you do not want to miss it clearly.
PAUL CASEY:テつ Yeah, I'm one of those guys on the leaderboard‑‑ I've not checked who is not in The Open but I'm not, so I'll be gunning for the victory.テつ I'll push that probably to the back of the mind.
The most important thing is to win The Scottish Open.テつ I would love to win a Scottish Open.テつ It's one of the most important championships we have on The European Tour.テつ We have got great sponsors this week so nothing would make me prouder than to lift that trophy.

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