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July 13, 2013

John Parry


Q.テつ You started in great form on the opening day of this championship with a 64 and then you seemed to go backwards, albeit you stood still and now you're back, nice to be back with the momentum flowing?
JOHN PARRY:テつ Yeah, it's always tough to follow a low one from the first day, you always want to.テつ Today was a slow start again but the chip‑on 12 really got my round going.

Q.テつ Flawless golf from you, not a single bogey on the card.テつ What's been the key for you this week?
JOHN PARRY:テつ I think it's my iron shots.テつ My iron shots have been better where I've been a little sloppy over the last few weeks.テつ Worked quite hard going into this week knowing that was a key to getting a low score around this course.

Q. テつI think a lot of people took their hat off to you for your finish at Merion where you were in the Top‑30 after having to pre‑qualify for that event.テつ Wonder what that's done for you for the rest of the season?
JOHN PARRY:テつ Yeah, it's given me a lots of confidence going into the remainder of the year.テつ I was struggling before then, and it's the toughest sort of event of the year; knowing that you can compete gives you a good confidence boost.

Q.テつ Really in the thick of this championship now, the idea of that and really jostling your way around at the top of the leaderboard, how does it appeal to you?
JOHN PARRY:テつ I've been there before and I enjoy it.テつ That's what you play golf for, so that's what I'll be looking forward to tomorrow.

Q.テつ Tell us about this round today after what happened day one?
JOHN PARRY:テつ Yeah, it was more like day one again, which is always good.テつ Slow sort of start, not really making many putts, but then chip‑in on 12 got the round going and seems easier after that.

Q.テつ It is a strange progression, isn't it, to actually see your name down the board, didn't play badly in round two but seemed like some of the good work‑‑
JOHN PARRY:テつ Yeah, you sort of know around here, if you shoot level, you're going to go falling behind.テつ I knew if I stayed in there, I was sort of struggling yesterday, getting back to level par gave me a chance today, I wasn't too far back and a good round like I did gives me a really good chance.

Q.テつ Excited by this prospect now into the final day?
JOHN PARRY:テつ Yeah, definitely.テつ That's why you play golf at the end of the day, and it's been a while that I've been in a European Tour event up there, so looking forward to it.

Q.テつ The victory came quite some time ago.テつ Do you look back to the Vivendi, the win in France?
JOHN PARRY:テつ Yeah, the experience, and Tour School, as well; a win is a win and I know I can do it, so that's good.
I think around here, I was 1‑under through eight holes for today, and 5‑under for the last ten, so you know anything can happen.テつ I'm not the only person that's done that so you've just got to stay around the lead and see what happens.

Q.テつ Don't know if you fancy being a commentator, but can you talk me through what happened at the last with your playing partner and his ball?
JOHN PARRY:テつ Yeah, I thought there was a bit of laughing going on, and find out he's in a shoe.テつ I don't know how he got in a shoe but he made birdie, as well.

Q.テつ Somebody had taken the shoe off sitting in the sun?
JOHN PARRY:テつ Yeah, I don't know‑‑ it's a woman, let's put it that way (laughing).

Q.テつ Ever had anything strange or similar happen to you?
JOHN PARRY:テつ Not even close to that, not even close, no.

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