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November 22, 2003

Meg Mallon


PAUL ROVNAK: Meg, 2-under, 3 back, right there. Just give us some thoughts and we'll take some questions.

MEG MALLON: Okay. Well, I would say the front nine was just ugly. Just bad swings, bad golf, bad putting. But, all that said, I only walked out of there 2 over par. I was still even par for the tournament and knew that I wasn't out of it. So I tried to collect my swing and myself together and actually I found a little bit of it on the back side and hit some real good shots. And made those three birdies in a row and looked like a superstar for three holes. And that was about it. Then I came back down to reality and 3-putted 16. But still hit a good solid shot on 17 and 18, gave myself chances for birdie there too. Kind of disappointed I didn't get to 3-under to get a little closer to the lead. Put a little bit more pressure on for tomorrow. But overall after the start I'm fairly happy with that.

Q. How much did you want to play in the final group tomorrow with Annika?

MEG MALLON: I more so wanted to get to 3-under par. Whatever. She's going to be either playing in front of me or with me. So I'm going to see what's going on no matter what. Judging by today's pace of play, I might see everything. But more importantly I wanted to get to 3-under.

Q. How hard is it to maintain your concentration on your own game when you're playing partner is having a roller coaster kind of day like Laura did today?

MEG MALLON: Well, my advantage is that I played with Laura so much. And played match play against her a lot. So probably it distracted me less than it would players that had not played before with her. And she's trying her heart out. She doesn't want to do that. You feel bad for her. You try to stick to your own game. This golf course does that to you sometimes. It just turns into a bad dream.

Q. You feel bad for her, that's natural, but sometimes feeling bad for the other player means you're not thinking about your on game.

MEG MALLON: That's possible. But you know there's all sorts of things going on. You asked me before how many times did people ask about the Ohio State game. Those are just the kind of things that you have to sift through and then once it's time to hit your golf shot you have that 30 seconds to focus. And for me, fortunately, I can do that fairly well.

Q. When you made the turn, what are you thinking or saying to yourself to try to find your swing and how are you able to do that?

MEG MALLON: Besides the regular curse words that I'm throwing through my head. You know, I was good today because I didn't get down about it. I think because I knew the nature of the course and how difficult it was. I knew I was swinging better than that and playing better than that. It just was a matter of inches of where I was at the top of my swing there and my timing. And so it was so bad on the front side, I just needed to go out and find something on the back side. It was really just kind of me telling myself that, to make some swings, do a little drill in between, and try and get a rhythm back. And I found it for a little while. It was fun.

Q. Is there more hopes of trying to catch Annika on a course like this where anything can happen?

MEG MALLON: I hope so, yeah. I hope so. Like I said yesterday, I need to eliminate those bogeys and eliminate the others, as they say. I need to make the amount of birdies I made the first two days. And I think that's out there. I think I can do it.

Q. How difficult is it to try to beat her from 3 back on this golf course?

MEG MALLON: It can be anybody's day. She's obviously playing very well and very confident. But on a golf course like this too, I think that you do have more of a chance.

Q. When she's at the top of the leaderboard what effect does it generally have?

MEG MALLON: Well she always is. Truly, what did she finish no worse than, what, fifth or something this year? So it's always there. Which is good. You want to play the best and beat the best. It will be kind of fun tomorrow to give it a go.

Q. Two years ago Karrie was Annika.


Q. Is it a matter, do you think that every one is just, she forces every one to improve their game to the point where now every one is or some people have passed her or what do you see is the difference between her then and now?

MEG MALLON: Karrie? Then and now? Well, she's matured. She's a little, she's more a well rounded individual. She's a great player. She is a devoted family person. What I know of her she's a very sensitive person. And she's very driven. She's stated all along that she's going to do it her way. I know she's highly motivated to take back that No. 1 spot. She certainly has the talent to do it. But Annika is on a great roll right now. And Se Ri, you can't overlook Se Ri and how well she's played. And I think the three of them are driving each other. Which is, it makes it a good atmosphere out here.

PAUL ROVNAK: Let's go over the scorecard.

MEG MALLON: Oh, yeah, let's jump on roller coaster here. Okay. Number 1, 3-putted from the fringe basically. I hit it -- no, wait. Did I chip there? No, no, I chipped there. And I left it about -- oh, no. That's right. I hit it 10 feet by and then 2-putted from there. I chipped 10 feet by. I think I did. Yeah.

Then we go to number 8. Actually, if you can call it that, I made a very good bogey there. I hit it in the water off the tee. I hit a 4-iron about 30 yards wide of the green and hit a flop shot up to about three feet and made that for bogey.

12, I hit a pitching wedge to call it nine feet. I made that.

13, I hit a 7-wood to 12 feet. Made that.

14, I hit a 9-iron to 15 feet. Made that.

16, I hit a 5-iron, I had 45 feet. My first putt I left about three feet short and four feet short I guess and I missed that.

Q. How tough was it out there? It was a four and a half hour plus round?

MEG MALLON: Well I think it hurt Laura more than anybody. She makes an eagle, has the momentum and has to sit for what, 20 minutes almost. Yeah, I think so. There was already -- they waited too, so I'm, something had happened before them. Because there were two groups on the tee and then Se Ri had her dropping issues there. But that was the momentum buster. For me it was more of a collection time, I kind of needed it. I hit a good shot there. I hit a horrible putt, I didn't take the head cover off, I guess.

PAUL ROVNAK: Any more questions? All right.

MEG MALLON: Thanks, guys.

End of FastScripts.

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