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July 12, 2013

Matt Jones


Q.  You're just rolling right into the John Deere playing really well.
MATT JONES:  Yeah, I am doing good.  Two weeks in a row heading in a good direction.  I played well last week, finished second, and I started putting better this week, so it's all going good.

Q.  You're driving the ball well, too.  You've got to be happy with that part of the game.
MATT JONES:  My caddie and I had a chat about that yesterday.  We said we were Dustin Johnson for a few holes, which was surprising, considering just the ball seems to be bounding up the fairways, and after the practice round Tuesday I was hitting it so short.  The fairways are firmed up quickly.

Q.  This is a course where the second shots are really important.
MATT JONES:¬† Yeah, it is.¬† You're going to have a lot of short irons in your hand, and the greens are receptive enough where you can attack the pins.¬† You have a good chance of getting up‑and‑down if you do miss the greens, so you can attack.

Q.  Excited about the weekend?
MATT JONES:  I am, I am.  I hope to get some sleep tonight.  My little daughter is keeping us up pretty late and waking us up early, but looking forward to it.  Hopefully it's a good weekend.

Q.  You're putting a lot of work into your game.  Perhaps now it's all coming together.  That's what happens sometimes.
MATT JONES:  It does, yeah.  When it happens, it happens, but I'll just keep working away doing my stuff, and it'll finally get there one day.

Q.  Talk about the round.  From where you're sitting you must be pretty pleased.
MATT JONES:  I am.  I think I had six birdies, no bogeys today.  I think I'm a shot back right now, but who knows where that'll be at the end of the day, but I'm in good position for the weekend.

Q.  What does that mean for you, things you can build on for the weekend?
MATT JONES:  Oh, yeah.  If I keep doing what I'm doing, I'm going to have a chance on Sunday.  Just keep giving yourself birdie putts, which you've got to do out here and keeping driving it long and straight, which I have been.  So hopefully that just keeps happening.

Q.  Do you think it'll hold?
MATT JONES:  My game?

Q.  Well, the score at this point.  Your game, I hope that holds, too.
MATT JONES:¬† 11‑under?¬† I mean, who knows.¬† I might be a couple back.¬† It depends what Zach and Camilo do.¬† Someone could go out there and shoot 8‑, 9‑under this afternoon.¬† Either way I'm going to have to go long on the weekend to have a chance to win.¬† You're going to have to shoot another 10‑under on the weekend to have a chance, so we'll see.

Q.  What was working for you today?
MATT JONES:  I've just been hitting it well this week, hitting my irons close, hitting my driver long and straight, and I made some putts, par putts especially, to keep the round going, which I haven't been able to do the last couple weeks.

Q.  It's been dry out here.  How is that making the course play for you?  Do you prefer that?
MATT JONES:  It's actually surprising, because the practice round was so wet from the rain, and the ball was just plugging and stopping, and then we came out Thursday and the ball was bounding and going a long way, so you had to adjust.  The greens are still quite soft and receptive so you can attack the pins, and they're still on not the slower side but they're at a good holding speed, so they're good.

Q.  You came in hot after last week.  How do you attribute that success from last week into this week?
MATT JONES:  Oh, it's good.  Playing just the same as I did last week, just hitting it, trying to keep it in play, keep it in front of me and have a chance to make some birdies.

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