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July 12, 2013

Peter Uihlein


Q.テつ 2‑over par through six holes ended in '66.テつ You'd better explain yourself?
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ Yeah, bad start but then got it going a little bit.テつ Made a good birdie on 16 and made a nice birdie on 18 and then I really got lucky on 2.
Blocked it way right and had a clean lie, hacked it out and made a nice 15‑footer for birdie and was off and running from there.テつ Swing started feeling a little bit better on had and coming in, felt much better.

Q.テつ Give us a sense of playing conditions out there this morning.
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ It was windy this morning and coming out of a different direction from the southwest.テつ I would say it's died down and scores are there for the taking.

Q.テつ When you make a 7, does it upset you or cruise along?
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ Wasn't too happy this morning.テつ Woke up on the wrong side of the bed I guess.
No, my caddie, Sam, was good with me again and told me to try and get my head right and knew I had a lot of golf to play.

Q.テつ You were tied for the lead going into the weekend of The Irish Open and didn't work out for you, did you learn anything there you can use here?
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ Yeah, and it was windy there, as well.テつ It's all about trying to get into contention and slow everything down and work at my own pace.テつ I feel like a couple times I just keep getting too quick and mind races a little too fast.テつ Feel like the more I get myself in that position, the slower I can make things.

Q.テつ I take it you've had another special day and a whole litany of special days of late?
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ Yeah, it was a good back nine, for sure.テつ Had a good front nine, had six birdies.

Q.テつ And given the start‑‑
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ Yeah, I was a couple‑over early and I battled back and made birdies from there, so it's nice.

Q.テつ Easy enough to remain patient and calm knowing that you've dropped back on a course that's given so many opportunities?
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ Yeah, you'd like to say you could, but once you're out there it's a little bit tougher.テつ My caddie, Sam, has been good with me this week and told me to get my head on straight and focus and just re‑settle down and have a lot of golf to play, so it was good.

Q.テつ The evidence is there's plenty of scores to make.
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ Yeah, it was definitely windier this morning, it was coming from a different direction and then it just laid flat and started coming a little more west.
So the front nine, in particular, with the wind kind of laying down, you can really get after it I think.テつ I was able to do that.

Q.テつ Is it nice to challenge yourself on a links course and all the creativity involved?
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ Yeah, yeah, links is fun.テつ I enjoy links golf and bouncing it up is kind of cool.テつ Brings out the creative side of most people, so it's nice.テつ It's more fun than just kind of pin‑hunting.

Q.テつ Seems to be an intriguing course and one that offers opportunities?
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ Yeah, it does.テつ I think depending on hole locations and wind, you can really get after it out here, because you can attack, you have a lot of short irons in with the greens being so fast, you can definitely attack and make some birdies.

Q.テつ What's a young American golfer doing here on The European Tour?テつ Briefly, your back story.
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ I was advised by my dad and Chubby Chandler and Butch Harmon that this would be the best route to go.テつ Watching guys like Adam Scott growing up and guys like Rory McIlroy and Louis Oosthuizen, they all start over here before they come over to the States, and I see no reason why me being an American that should be different.
Hopefully just develops our game all‑around and learn to play in different conditions and different weather and different grasses and different altitude.テつ Hopefully just helps us develop our game and get more comfortable being uncomfortable, if that makes sense.

Q.テつ You're 11‑under for the championship and we might see 12, 13, 14; what might eventually win this tournament in these conditions?
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ Really depends on the conditions the next couple of days.テつ It was pretty benign when we were out there, but I guess the weather changes very quickly, so it all depends.

Q.テつ You're in contention after two rounds; what do you take from that?
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ Just really try and slow everything down.テつ The mind was raising a little bit and kind of got impatient and overly aggressive.テつ If I can just kind of slow everything down and just stay patient, just keep grinding and see how it goes.

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