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July 12, 2013

Paul Casey


PAUL CASEY:テつ I let a few slip out there for sure.テつ I played some very nice golf and really didn't make the putts that I wanted to make.テつ I got confused on the greens, simple as that.テつ I struggled to read the breaks and simple as that.テつ Didn't make them and here we are but still the weekend to go.

Q.テつ Outside of the greens, how much are you enjoying the change of links golf, in this weather, particularly?
PAUL CASEY:テつ In this weather, it's the best thing in the world, it really is.テつ It's lovely out there.テつ We've got great crowds.テつ Never knew it could get this hot up here but it's absolutely delightful.テつ I love the heat.テつ The ball is going a little bit further.
It's drying out the golf course which also adds to the challenge so it doesn't necessarily make it a whole lot easier.テつ It's very different from the way we've had this golf course the past couple of years, but it's wonderful links golf with sunshine, beautiful view, couldn't be much better.

Q.テつ How significant for you was your win in Ireland?
PAUL CASEY:テつ Very, huge win.テつ Changes the rest of my season.テつ It helps me plan the schedule a little bit‑‑ much easier.テつ Massive boost of confidence, and you know, exactly what I needed.テつ I knew I was playing good golf for quite a while.テつ The results didn't necessarily show that.
And especially the way I won, it was a superb weekend.テつ I played some stellar stuff.テつ It was just good golf.テつ It was very enjoyable to play in front of those crowds.テつ It's a golf course I like but it wasn't easy, and to shoot the lowest score on the weekend from anybody, I felt very good about that.

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