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July 12, 2013

Marcel Siem


Q.テつ Your thoughts on how things have gone over the two days?
MARCEL SIEM:テつ I played really nice both days, and haven't rolled a putt yet, unfortunately.テつ All my birdies I made were tap‑ins and a lot of good putts.
And on the back nine, I lost my confidence a little bit, when you have a few lip‑outs, you start doubting your stroke, which is not so nice.テつ It's nicer when you hole putts and gain confidence and all of a sudden the hole is as big as a basket, but maybe it will come to that the other days.
Unfortunately I made a bogey on the last, my first in two rounds, just a stupid mistake.テつ I hit a lob‑wedge, which is a 90 club, and it was 94 to the flag, and everybody knows, a yard short, you spin back, and I don't know why I hit it.テつ It was not even downwind; it was only left‑to‑right.テつ Rookie mistake.

Q.テつ The big positive, though, is you're getting those chances, so you know that you will take them over the weekend.
MARCEL SIEM:テつ Yeah, if I keep on playing like I do, the putts roll in and happy days and we'll see what happens then.テつ But yeah, it's just‑‑ yeah, I'm looking forward to the weekend, and I'm just a little upset with the bogey on the last to be honest.

Q.テつ Like it as a course, like the challenge of playing links again?
MARCEL SIEM:テつ Yeah, it was a lot cooler today.テつ Played a bit tougher.テつ The course showed a bit of its teeth and pin positions were a bit tougher, as well, than yesterday.テつ We'll see that in the afternoon scoring I reckon.テつ We have The Open Championship next week, and it's good preparation.

Q.テつ Are you looking at it very much as preparation, or it's very much a prestigious tournament in its own right?
MARCEL SIEM:テつ No, no, it's a big tournament, don't get me wrong, but still great preparation for The Open.テつ Still bigger than this one, but it's a fantastic tournament, and the setup here is very, very good.テつ So it's very important to have those tournaments and very happy to be here and play the tournament.

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