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July 12, 2013

Francesco Molinari


Q.テつ How are you feeling about things?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI:テつ Well, pretty good.テつ I'm happy with the score of 9‑under.テつ I didn't play extremely well either yesterday or today, but I managed to score well and to eliminate mistakes, so, you know, looking forward to the weekend.テつ I think I need to improve the game.テつ I want to be close to the leaders.

Q.テつ You were so close to winning this last year; how much of a source of inspiration is that for you to go one better this time around?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI:テつ Well, it's a big inspiration.テつ I've been looking forward the last few weeks to come back here and I enjoy playing here at Castle Stuart.テつ Obviously the Scottish Open is always a great event; I enjoyed playing when it was in Loch Lomond, as well.テつ I've had some pretty good success in the past on both courses, so it will be nice to manage to win the title.

Q.テつ There's a lot of good scores getting close at the moment‑‑
FRANCESCO MOLINARI:テつ I think we are all pretty bunched up and that's what you would expect in good conditions like we had yesterday and today.テつ We'll see, if the wind picks up a bit on the weekend it might get a bit more interesting.テつ But yeah, the main thing is just, you know, keep staying away from mistakes and trying to get as many birdie chances as possible.
Obviously 9‑under is a good score after two rounds.テつ I haven't been playing as good as last year, neither yesterday nor today, but I managed to stay away from mistakes and I managed to get some of the birdie chances I had.テつ So I think I need probably to play a little bit better on the weekend if I want to really contend for the title, but there's an afternoon today to work on the game and hopefully get ready for tomorrow.

Q.テつ And what are conditions looking like today; quite similar to yesterday?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI:テつ Yeah, well, the wind direction is different, so the holes are playing slightly different.テつ It's not too strong so far, and I think the scoring will be quite low all day.

Q.テつ After coming so close to winning here, do you think you can go one step further over the weekend?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI:テつ Well, obviously I'd love to.テつ It's never easy, I mean, it gives you confidence to come back in a place where you've done well, but it's not easy to repeat two years in a row what I did last year.
So I'm in a good position now, and you know, I'll do my best to win this week and if not, to get ready as good as I can for next week.

Q.テつ And as far as those preparations are going, how do you feel your links game is at this stage?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI:テつ I feel I'm at a good point around the greens.テつ I'm not hitting the irons as good as I would like to, but you know, there's still a few days to work on that, and I'll work on in this afternoon and hopefully I'll see some improvements tomorrow already.

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