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July 12, 2013

Chris Paisley


CHRIS PAISLEY:テつ Obviously very happy.テつ I think that's probably my best round of the year.テつ Obviously delighted.テつ It's been a tough season and things have been getting slowly better and I feel like there's been a low round coming.テつ It's nice to have finally done it.

Q.テつ It's only a couple weeks ago you had a nice one and posted something good up on the board there, so that's a good indication that's presumably confidence as well as ability.
CHRIS PAISLEY:テつ Yeah, I guess confidence just come just overnight, so it's been kind of slowly getting there and getting there, and I guess eventually you're going to have a good round, and today was the day.テつ I hope I can just keep building on it.

Q.テつ Were you conscious of just how many opportunities there were out there and trying to push on?
CHRIS PAISLEY:テつ Yeah, that's almost the hard part about this is that you're going to have that many chances, if you start missing putts, it's easy to get frustrated and impatient.
But fortunately I putted really well and didn't miss many opportunities, so I kind of didn't really have to stay patient, which was nice.テつ I think you've just got to get your putting boots on this week I think.

Q.テつ You can tie yourself in knots if you're not holing them, but at the same time, you have to tell yourself that there will be another chance around the corner.
CHRIS PAISLEY:テつ Yeah, just keep hitting it nicely and giving myself opportunities, and eventually they will start dropping.

Q.テつ I take it's not that long since you were playing links more regularly.
CHRIS PAISLEY:テつ Yeah, I've only been pro three years, and that's all you play as an amateur golf.テつ Felt nice, kind of like old territory again, so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Q.テつ What is it you enjoy?
CHRIS PAISLEY:テつ All the different shots that you need.テつ Not just pick your number and hit it.テつ You have to figure out where you have to land it.テつ There's quite a few shots today where I was lapping it 20 yard short of the green and 30 feet left of the pin and using the slope to let it come in, so you have to use your imagination a little bit.
Definitely you can have some frustrating shots.テつ You hit a pretty good shot and it can bounce off and run off the green, but that's just part of links golf and that's how golf is supposed to be played I suppose.

Q.テつ When you get to the halfway stage with a handsome score, do you set a target; do you go with the flow?
CHRIS PAISLEY:テつ No, just keep doing what I'm doing.テつ It's obviously very early days, and I'm just kind of happy to make the weekend and be up there challenging and go and keep doing what I've been doing.

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