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July 12, 2013

Duffy Waldorf


MODERATOR:テつ Duffy Waldorf, 1 under for today, 1 under total.
DUFFY WALDORF:テつ And, yes, he does want to jump in the pool.テつ Questions or just comments?

Q.テつ Sum up your day, I guess.
DUFFY WALDORF:テつ My day has been like my week, a little jaggedy.テつ I'm happy.テつ On the plus side today, I had five birdies today, which was a big plus.テつ I had four bogeys today and four bogeys yesterday.テつ I mean, that's kind of the way you feel like you've got to go to the U.S. Open, not make too many mistakes.テつ My mistakes have led to bogeys.
But I made some really nice up and downs.テつ Like I said, I'm not quite hitting it great, but I'm doing enough things to hang in there, and hopefully I can have a great round one of the next two days and get into it.

Q.テつ Your thoughts on the greens?
DUFFY WALDORF:テつ It's a tough call.テつ It's really hot.テつ I'm kind of glad they're slow.テつ I mean, it could be pretty dicey if they were fast.テつ I mean, I'm happy with the speed of them.
They sure have a lot of‑‑ I mean, even though they're not super fast, you think, oh, well, it's the U.S. Open, they should be super fast and firm.テつ I mean, they're still hard to putt.テつ They're still hard to knock the ball close.テつ I mean, there is difficulty there.テつ It's just there's nothing wrong with having slow greens that break a lot.テつ That's what these do.
You don't get easy putts, even though they're a little slow.テつ It's nice not to have to putt off the green sometimes or have shots roll off the green down the hill, which I think they would do if they were super fast.

Q.テつ Michael Allenjumped out to a decent lead.テつ What do you know about him?テつ What can you tell us about him?
DUFFY WALDORF:テつ I know he's going to love this wind and, I'm sure he wants it to keep blowing.テつ He hits it this high off the ground.テつ I'm trying to hit something at tree height, which isn't great.
He's a solid player, great frontrunner.テつ So I think the guys who are in the chase are going to have to go and post a good round to catch him.テつ It's not going to be‑‑ it may not be‑‑ I mean, the course is playing hard, but still, it's a course where you can make a lot of pars.
So I feel like someone who is at 10 under like he is, I feel like you're going to have to go catch him.

Q.テつ Surprised by 10 under?
DUFFY WALDORF:テつ Yeah, I would be surprised by 10 under.テつ I think a good round was out there.テつ I think he put together the two best rounds back to back as far as I can tell.テつ So when you do something like that, you should have a pretty good lead.テつ I think 7 under today is incredible with this wind.
You can definitely say it was out there, because the greens weren't too hard, but you still have to execute it.テつ There's plenty of places, like where I found, if you hit it in the rough‑‑ you can hit the ball down the middle of the fairway, and it still goes in the rough.テつ There were some tough breaks out there.テつ He was able to negotiate everything great.
I can only hope he doesn't shoot another 10 under for the next two days because that would be very hard to catch.

Q.テつ Is that a dangerous combination when you're that far behind and have to play to catch him?テつ Can that lead to a lot of problems?
DUFFY WALDORF:テつ It's definitely a dangerous combination in the U.S. Open.テつ They don't set it up so you can shoot 63 every day, I know that.テつ In some regards it's good because you know that, if you do post a low round, you can make a move.
If you shoot even 4, 5 under par in these conditions, I think you're going to make a huge move.テつ If the leaders don't go anywhere, you can get yourself right back in it.
Thank you.

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