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July 12, 2013

Rocco Mediate


MODERATOR:テつ Rocco Mediate, 5 under total.
ROCCO MEDIATE:テつ Listen, pal, where's Davis?テつ You don't know where he is yet?テつ Hasn't even tried to find me yet.
Disappointed.テつ Okay, what?

Q.テつ Did somebody shoot a 10 under?
ROCCO MEDIATE:テつ You know, yeah.テつ I mean, Michael's been playing great.テつ So I'm not surprised, but he's been playing great, and so he's continuing that, obviously.テつ That's what happens.

Q.テつ [ No microphone ].
ROCCO MEDIATE:テつ I don't have any idea.テつ You just got to‑‑ I don't know.テつ I mean, it depends.テつ If he goes out and plays two great rounds, this whole ball game's over.テつ But you never know.テつ You never know.
If one of us goes out and plays two great rounds, you can catch him.テつ One thing about that is he has a little bit of control, but it's only the second round.テつ If this is Saturday, different ball game, different story, but it's not Saturday.テつ This golf course is brutal, man.テつ Today was tough, I thought, myself.

Q.テつ What did you do that was good?
ROCCO MEDIATE:テつ I didn't make a bogey, which is cool.テつ That's pretty cool.テつ But, no, I got it up and down well.テつ Obviously, every single time I missed a green.テつ So that was really cool.テつ Yes.テつ I played okay.テつ I hit it offline a few times.テつ It wasn't my best tee‑to‑green today, and I somehow survived.テつ And I was better yesterday and shot a lower score today, go figure.テつ Who can ever figure it out?
Hopefully, I'll be better tomorrow and drive more balls in the fairway because it's just no fun in these fairways.

Q.テつ Rocco, when you're hitting so many shots uphill, so many approach shots, are you sort of counting on the crowd?
ROCCO MEDIATE:テつ It drives you crazy.テつ That's all you can do is count on the crowd.テつ You're just like please clap, something.テつ You can't see.テつ Sometimes you feel it's the right weight coming in.テつ Some of the greens are a little firm, some of them are a little softer.テつ You never know.

Q.テつ I don't get the sense that you do relax totally.テつ But what will you do tonight to relax?
ROCCO MEDIATE:テつ Pretty much relax totally after I'm done.テつ I'm pretty relaxed out there too, believe it or not.テつ I'm just a little high strung.

Q.テつ You can be high strung and relaxed at the same time?
ROCCO MEDIATE: テつLike I said, the only thing that's concerning about tomorrow is driving in the 1st fairway.テつ Today I did not drive in the 1st fairway, and I made a nice 4.
That's all I'm really thinking about, looking forward to the weekend.テつ I love these tournaments. テつThis course is getting‑‑ screws are being tightened like they're supposed to.テつ It's good.テつ It's good.
It's hot, man.テつ Thank God the wind's blowing.テつ You good?

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