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July 12, 2013

Fred Funk


MODERATOR:テつ Fred Funk, even par 70 today, 3 under for the Championship, leader in the clubhouse.
FRED FUNK:テつ Hi, guys.

Q.テつ You're leading right now.
FRED FUNK:テつ Am I leading by myself?

Q.テつ By yourself.
FRED FUNK:テつ I love being by myself up there.

Q.テつ Talk about the winds today.テつ How much did that affect you?
FRED FUNK:テつ I think they were calling‑‑ I heard they were calling for 30‑mile‑an‑hour winds.テつ We don't quite have that yet.テつ If it blows like that this afternoon and you got a few more hours of this drying out conditions with the wind and the 90 degree heat, then these greens are going to get really crusty.テつ They did yesterday.
They're still soft on top.テつ They have that soft cushion, and they're still pretty slow.テつ They're trying to protect them.テつ So it's hard to comprehend how hard you got to hit some of them.
If you have an uphill putt, it's like, golly, you know, you just got to hit it.テつ And then the downhills, you got to hit it harder than you think you got to.テつ You think it's downhill, it's U.S. Open, it should be quick.テつ They look quicker than they are, and they're not.
With that being said, I did manage to putt one off the green.テつ I got on the wrong tier on a really bad wedge on 6.テつ I knew it was pretty quick.テつ Sure enough, I putted right down off the green and made a bogey, my only three‑putt of this week.
If I had to regret anything in my two days, it's really my wedge play has not been very good.テつ Yesterday I hit a wedge over the green on 2 from 55 yards and made bogey and then today hit that wedge on 6 to the top tier, which was the wrong place to be.テつ I hit a bunch of poor wedges yesterday on the short holes on the back nine.
But overall, I'm playing really well.テつ I'm pleased with that.テつ I'm putting really well overall, and I'm really calm.テつ My nerves aren't shattered yesterday.テつ So we've got two more days to try to shatter my nerves.

Q.テつ It's not easy to start on 10, is it?
FRED FUNK:テつ 10's a really awkward hole.テつ I really don't like that hole as a par 4.テつ It's all relative.テつ What it is, if you think it's a par 5, you probably make more 4s on it playing conservative.テつ I've hit two perfect drives down there and haven't come close to hitting the green yesterday.
Yesterday I had a 6 iron, I left it 40 yards short, I hit it so fat.テつ Today I hit in the left rough, and that was dead.テつ I actually made a good two‑putt for a bogey.テつ I just don't know‑‑ I just suck it up on the tee shot, and for me, even downwind, I got a‑‑ you know, I got to avoid that bunker on the left and that creek on the right.テつ It's really not a percentage play for me because I can't quite get over them.
But I have taken it on and driven it perfect.テつ But I might just lay up tomorrow.テつ I don't know.テつ Depends on where the tees are.テつ If the tees go back any further, then I'll be laying up.

Q.テつ Fred, halfway home.テつ You have to love where you're at.テつ Could go lower, but you're in a good position no matter what happens.
FRED FUNK:テつ Sure, yeah.テつ I'm really pleased.テつ It's the best I've felt physically all year, and my game has showed up again.テつ I was just kind of waiting for my body to allow me to swing again, and I was really anticipating good things when my back started releasing for me and I'm able to go after it a little bit.
I just haven't been able to swing at it very hard, and my normal swing when I'm healthy is not very hard.
So when I‑‑ you know, when I'm not feeling good, it's just hard to get the ball to flight.テつ I really wasn't playing golf all year long.テつ I haven't really been playing what resembles golf in my mind.テつ I'm just trying to just button it around, and I can't get the ball to fly and control it and control my trajectory.テつ Now I'm able to control my trajectory a little bit.テつ I'm hitting a lot more good shots than bad shots.テつ I'm really pleased with that.
You're always going to hit some mis‑hits and stuff.テつ My good ones now are really good.テつ I like those.

Q.テつ Thanks.
FRED FUNK:テつ Is that it?テつ All right.

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