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July 12, 2013

Mark O'Meara


Q.テつ So how was your day?
MARK O'MEARA:テつ How was my day?テつ Well, you know, we're done.テつ It was definitely a little more challenging out there today.テつ We had more wind coming from the south/southeast.テつ It was a little testier, but they put a little bit of water on the greens, which made the greens a little softer.
Still, it's hard to get your putts to the hole because they look fast and you've got to be a little bit cautious.テつ A lot of times, we're leaving our putts short, which most of the time we wouldn't, probably.
I was pleased.テつ I drove the ball a lot better today.テつ I hit some good, quality shots.テつ I know I didn't make many birdies.テつ 1 over is 1 over, but at least I'm close to the lead.
As Tom said, we're under par, and we've got a lot of work still left for us on the weekend, but we're in good position.

Q.テつ Loren Roberts was saying conservative shots are going to get it done.テつ Are you okay with that?
MARK O'MEARA:テつ I think that's the way any USGA event, U.S. Open is.テつ You've got to play smart.テつ You know, if you short side yourself trying to be aggressive with the flag, it's not easy to get the ball up and down.テつ The rough is very deep around the greens.テつ You're kind of guessing with your pitch shot, so you've got to play smart.テつ That's why you see a lot of the players having 15, 20, 25‑foot putts.
Sometimes with the slope that they have on the greens here at Omaha Country Club, it's not as easy to make those 15, 20‑footers.
I think the weekend depends a lot on the wind.
Wind is something that's makes a golf course more testy, especially a U.S. Open setup golf course.

Q.テつ Mark, are you hitting the ball well enough to win?
MARK O'MEARA:テつ I hit the ball good enough the first two days to have a shot.テつ Let's put it that way.テつ I've played enough golf tournaments to realize it's not easy to win.
I'm disappointed in the fact I haven't won more out here on the Champions Tour, but I give a lot of credit to my fellow peers.テつ They play really, really well.
I hope that I can play well enough on the weekend.テつ A couple years ago, I had a chance when Olin Browne won.テつ I was second.テつ It would be great to play well and give myself that opportunity on Sunday and just wait and see.
Thanks, everybody.テつ Appreciate it.

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