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July 12, 2013

Tom Lehman


MODERATOR:テつ Tom Lehman on the flash, 1 over par, 71, 2 under for the Championship.
TOM LEHMAN:テつ All right.テつ So just talk?

Q.テつ Nice day.
TOM LEHMAN:テつ I'm not sure if I played worse or if the course played tougher or both.テつ I know that I didn't play very well for the most part today.テつ Managed to save my round with a bunch of really good up and downs.
Did make a double bogey on the 13th hole, which was a major blunder.テつ But finished strong and, you know, kind of kept myself in the tournament.

Q.テつ How was the wind out there today?
TOM LEHMAN:テつ It's a factor for sure.テつ I don't think it's blowing any differently now than it was when we started.テつ It seems to be like it's been pretty much the same all day long.
The pins are a little bit more difficult with the wind blowing.テつ There are a lot of high spots on the knobs.テつ With the wind blowing, it makes it pretty tough.

Q.テつ Can you tell what happened on the 4th?
TOM LEHMAN:テつ Your basic U.S. Open double bogey.テつ Drove it in the rough.テつ Tried to hack a sand wedge out and didn't quite catch it.テつ Stayed in the first cut and then hit that in the bunker and hit it on the green in two putts.テつ Just kind of a series of bad shots.

Q.テつ Nobody seems to be taking off, though, going too deep.
TOM LEHMAN:テつ I think the pins are tougher today as a whole.テつ There are some that are easy to get to, but there's a lot of them that are not that easy.テつ A lot of pins up front downwind, which makes it pretty tough.

Q.テつ Were the greens softer overall, though?
TOM LEHMAN:テつ No, it's the same today as yesterday.テつ The greens are softer on the front nine than they are the back nine.テつ The back nine's greens, for whatever reason, they're, I would say, significantly firmer.テつ I can't explain it, but they are.
You would think it would be the opposite.テつ The front nine would be the soft greens and would get firmer as the day goes on, but as was the case yesterday, the greens on the front nine were way more receptive.

Q.テつ Like your position?テつ Obviously‑‑
TOM LEHMAN:テつ Yeah, I like my position.テつ I just don't like the way I played.テつ I need to figure a few things out.テつ A lot of really poor iron shots.テつ I'm driving the ball good enough.
But if you watch me play and you watch Mark O'Meara play, you'd say O'Meara's 2 under and Lehman's 10 over.テつ That's the way it works.

Q.テつ Thanks, Tom.

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