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July 11, 2013

Jeev Milkha Singh


Q.テつ You finished in style, magnificent chip‑in, talk us through it.
JEEV MILKHA SINGH:テつ I had a great start to the round, 3‑under after four holes.テつ On the back nine, I birdied four holes, the first six on the back.テつ And then the last hole, I just said, let's try to hole this and lucky enough to hole that chip.

Q.テつ How about being defending champion this week, how has this been for you?
JEEV MILKHA SINGH:テつ Great feeling.テつ The guys have been excellent, and everybody is just congratulating me.テつ There's a lot of pressure this week but I'm enjoying every bit of it.

Q.テつ We know this is a big week for your family, your father's film is being launched and you've had to miss that.テつ How difficult was that decision?テつ Obviously defending here, very important, but that's an important decision to make.
JEEV MILKHA SINGH:テつ Yes, it was very important.テつ It was a very emotional thing for the family, because the movie is made about a man who is still living, and it's an inspirational movie, and I wanted to be there for my father.
But he was nice enough to tell me, being a sports person himself:テつ Go out there and defend your title.

Q.テつ You've seen the film; it's good, isn't it?
JEEV MILKHA SINGH:テつ I've seen the movie and I think it's going to be one of the best movies of the year.テつ I cried three times, so I can say it's a good movie.

Q.テつ Happy enough with that first round?
JEEV MILKHA SINGH:テつ Yes, I'm very happy.テつ There's a lot of pressure on me today.テつ I had a great start.テつ Got out of the routine but got it back on the back nine and I think it's a very good feeling when you chip‑in on the last, 5‑under par, so I'm very happy with it.

Q.テつ How is the course playing?テつ Conditions are perfect for spectators; how are conditions for golfers?
JEEV MILKHA SINGH:テつ We couldn't ask for better honestly.テつ You know, when the sun is shining, it's God's country and that's rightly said.テつ I think the views were fantastic.テつ The golf course was in excellent condition.テつ I've enjoyed every bit of it.
I think weather like this, I think it's a bonus, and you've got to make the most out of it, and that's what the guys did out there.

Q.テつ A bit of pressure, you're looking to defend your trophy but you've made a good start?
JEEV MILKHA SINGH:テつ Yeah, I'm happy with my start today and I look forward to the next three days.
I'm happy being here and I am enjoying every bit of here, and couldn't have asked for better weather.テつ The weather is fantastic.

Q.テつ I take it that pressure comes from inside, it's your own demand to do well.
JEEV MILKHA SINGH:テつ Yes, it is, every golfer's demand to do well.テつ I want to give it the best every time I tee it up.テつ Sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn't.テつ But you've got to hang in there and keep trying and make the most out of it.

Q.テつ Does that increase when you have the mantle of defending champion?テつ You've had that so many times in your career.
JEEV MILKHA SINGH:テつ Yes, it does increase, but you've got to stay in your routine, and try to give it the best performance and try to shoot as low as possible.テつ I'm happy with my first round.

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