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July 11, 2013

Shane Lowry


Q.テつ Your thoughts on scooting that score to shot here, please?
SHANE LOWRY:テつ Yeah, I'm pleased with the start.テつ I played okay.テつ Don't feel like I played great, but yeah, any day you shoot 66 is a good day, so, happy.

Q.テつ Your playing partner, Mikko Ilonen, said this felt like a 69 because you set the bar a little differently here.
SHANE LOWRY:テつ Yeah, every par 5 is playing easy, and there's two drivable par 4s, which should be picking up shots there.テつ So if you just played a few hard holes that are out there, if you play them well, 7, 17, 15, if you play those holes well, you'll do all right out here.

Q.テつ Does it mean you approach it in an aggressive, a very positive, competitive frame of mind?
SHANE LOWRY:テつ Yeah, if you make a bogey, you don't have to press the panic button.テつ Just keep going and know you're going to make birdies.

Q.テつ I imagine you relish playing back on the links, don't you?
SHANE LOWRY:テつ Yeah, I love it.テつ I love putting on links greens and I love playing on links turf.テつ I grew up playing on it.テつ I love being back here and looking forward to next week, as well.

Q.テつ Comparable to other links courses?テつ Clearly it gives a few more opportunities than some.
SHANE LOWRY:テつ Yeah, it's very generous off the tee and I think that's why you're seeing low scores.テつ If it was a bit tighter off the tee, the course would be very tough, because not very generous into the greens, so your iron play has to be decent.
It's really up there.テつ I really enjoy playing here.テつ I love playing this golf course, and that's the reason I come back here every year.

Q.テつ Where's the balance between playing this tournament and preparation for the next?
SHANE LOWRY:テつ Oh, there's no question, there's no reason why you wouldn't play here.テつ Yeah, I mean, get a bit of golf on links turf, which is nice.テつ I know Muirfield is quite tight off the tee and this isn't, but it's links golf at the end of the day.

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