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July 11, 2013

Simon Khan


Q.テつ A round of 65 with an eagle at the last, a great way to sign off; how well did you play today?
SIMON KHAN:テつ I started a bit rusty, a bit early for me, about half seven, but once I got going, after about six or seven holes, I hit it really well, which is good.テつ Gave myself a lot of chances on the back nine.テつ It was nice to knock that one in on the last.

Q.テつ Coming off Wentworth, second place there, losing out in a playoff, disappointment immediately after that, but have you taken the positives from it coming in here?
SIMON KHAN:テつ Yeah, I tried to straightaway and look at it the other way; my form wasn't great after I won it in 2010, so I sort of tried to turn it around the other way and think like that.
Yeah, I played well last week in France; a course I always feel like I've always got a chance on.テつ My preparation was really good for this week and felt really good out there.

Q.テつ Your thoughts on a start like that and indeed a finish like that, a wonderful way to putt a cap on the day?
SIMON KHAN:テつ Yeah, I got the line right off the tee, and it got down the slope.テつ Hit a 5‑iron into the last, which was nice.テつ Gives you a chance to hit it close.
But yeah, generally, really pleased.テつ I didn't play here last year.テつ It was a couple of years ago I played here and I remember making a lot of birdies and eagles, but a lot of disasters, as well.テつ Managed my game well early on and came through at the end there, which was nice.

Q.テつ Did you feel comfortable out there at most times, because the scores suggest that.
SIMON KHAN:テつ Early on I would say I wasn't quite with it swing‑wise, but then felt really good towards the end there and hit some really good shots coming in.テつ That was pleasing.

Q.テつ You know how the weather can be around here, so this is a blessing, isn't it, to be bathed in sunshine?
SIMON KHAN:テつ It is.テつ In fact, this morning, it sort of felt almost into on the first a little bit, barely a whisper, but it does make a difference when the wind gets up and the course changes massively.テつ Even just a ten‑mile‑an‑hour wind, one way or the other, you've got to keep an eye on that.テつ And it's about landing it in the right spot sometimes short of the greens when the wind gets up a little bit.

Q.テつ Not so long since Wentworth and you are right up there competitive; feel the form is good?
SIMON KHAN:テつ Yeah, played really well in France last week, hit lots of fairways but didn't quite finish it off on Sunday.テつ I think a Top‑5 would have got me in The Open, as well.テつ So that's a little bit disappointing.
But I'm really pleased how I've been playing and swinging, so that's been really good.

Q.テつ Finishing up the board today, an indication of what you think is possible around here?
SIMON KHAN:テつ Depends, like I said, a 15‑mile‑an‑hour wind gets up, it changes again; I think someone could shoot 8‑under maybe, eight or nine.テつ But it's getting up a little bit now, and it just changes again.テつ So I think that's a good score.テつ I'll take that.

Q.テつ Your thoughts after a fantastic start?
SIMON KHAN:テつ Really pleased.テつ Early start this morning.テつ I had to wake up and get the body going, but once I did, I played really well, and pleased to finish the way I did.

Q.テつ What were conditions like out there?
SIMON KHAN:テつ Perfect this morning.テつ The water out there was just like a millpond.テつ There's no movement, barely a whisper of wind, so you couldn't have asked for more.テつ When I saw the draw, often on links courses, I know the forecast is good this week, but an early start isn't such a bad thing.

Q.テつ You're up near the top of the leaderboard at the moment; can you stay there?
SIMON KHAN:テつ Yeah, you know, I've won some good tournaments before, so when I've played well, I know I can do it.テつ And it's early days, it's round one.テつ I'm not thinking too much about that yet.テつ But I definitely believe that hopefully I can be there on Sunday and give myself a chance.

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