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July 11, 2013

Martin Laird


Q.テつ Finishing with 68, how do you feel about that round today?
MARTIN LAIRD:テつ Those last two holes, obviously a nice finish.テつ My round was kind of stalled for a while.テつ Wasn't really doing much.テつ Was scrambling early and nice to finish with two birdies on the last two, especially making put on 17.テつ Made a putt on the first and a putt on the 17th.テつ That's about it today.

Q.テつ Your chip at the last was giving us palpitation, down there on the tight lie up a ridge.テつ Talk us through that shot?
MARTIN LAIRD:テつ Luckily I was far enough back from the little lip there in the kind of grass bunker so I could get up.テつ I actually had a pretty good lie even though it was tight.テつ Those type of chips I'm used to playing more than those little bump and ones that you have to throw up in the air a little bit.テつ It wasn't a bad spot and I was pleased to see it nestled up there about a foot from the role.

Q.テつ Was doing some research into your early life in golf and found out that you're left‑handed in everything, particularly in golf when you started, your first club was left‑handed.テつ How did you end up right‑handed?
MARTIN LAIRD:テつ Yeah, first club was left‑handed.テつ I guess when it came time to get more clubs and get a set, my dad thought it was a little cheaper to cut down his old ones and make me go right‑handed instead of left‑handed.テつ I was that age where I didn't care, I just wanted to be out there hitting the ball around, and it's work out pretty well, so maybe he helped me out.

Q.テつ 4‑under, well done.テつ It got tough this afternoon.
MARTIN LAIRD:テつ Yeah, I don't think I saw on the leaderboard anyone that was out this afternoon‑‑ all the 6‑, 7‑, 8‑unders were out this morning.テつ A little breeze picked up in the middle of the round and got a little tricky.
Happy to shoot 4‑under.テつ Stalled in the middle of the my round, got off to a nice start, stalled in the middle and had a nice finish.テつ Overall I'm pretty happy.

Q.テつ Given the conditions it seemed much tougher this afternoon, or should I say, significantly more difficult compared to this morning?
MARTIN LAIRD:テつ Yeah, you know, when the greens are this firm, you get a little bit of breeze, especially downwind, all of a sudden you have 9‑iron in your hand and you can hardly stop it on these greens, if you get a ten‑mile‑an‑hour wind, you don't need much when the greens are firm like this.テつ That's fun and that's what links golf is all about.
It's the first year we've really had that around this golf course.テつ It's fun to play like this and I wouldn't mind if a little more breeze picked up and got some good links golf in.

Q.テつ You play a lot in the States and you've won in the States; coming here to Castle Stuart, do you feel you want to prove something to the home audience about what you are about as a golfer?
MARTIN LAIRD:テつ I don't know if I would say I have come back to prove anything.テつ I know myself what I've done and I'm obviously very pleased with how my career has gone so far.テつ But it's more I just want to come back and give the crowd something to shout about.
I get a lot of people that travelled from Glasgow and Edinburgh and things to come and watch me, and friends and family, people that support me, watching me during the year in America, and I want to come back and try to play well for the ones that come out.

Q.テつ Do you have to kind of re‑educate yourself in links golf, the memory of playing links golf when you come back from the states?
MARTIN LAIRD:テつ Yeah, you know, there's a few things.テつ Around the greens you've got to get used to, a little more bump‑and‑runs.テつ The greens here are a little slower than I'm used to which cost me a couple of shots out there today.
For me, also, the wind; the wind in America doesn't generally affect the ball nearly as much as it does here.テつ So I'm hitting clubs into the wind here that it seems it's tough for me to commit to sometimes and I've got too much club and I've just got to trust the wind.
There's definitely changes when you come out here.テつ That's why I was out here Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, playing to get used to it and I felt like it went pretty well today.

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