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July 11, 2013

Thongchai Jaidee


THONGCHAI JAIDEE:テつ Very solid today.テつ Hit a lot of good putts today.テつ It's supposed to be‑‑ driver is okay.テつ Irons very good work this week, and then I think about, it's putting very challenging this tournament.テつ I play my own game.
I hit some holes, lucky on 14th hole, had an eagle on No. 14.テつ Perfect tee shot, and second shot is going to be tight into tucked pin position there.テつ The thing about hitting on the green, lucky if you make eagle that hole, score change to 5‑under after that.
Otherwise, we try to keep my same play, a lot of greens, make good putts.テつ That's my key.
Anyway, every week, you need to be fairway, green and putting, but this week putting better than last week.

Q.テつ And you'd have seen what the scores were before you started, you knew the wind was picking up, so this is even better in that context.
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:テつ I think this afternoon, the wind picked up a little bit, a couple on the front nine, like 7,8 and 9 are going to be hard holes, and fifth one, also, going to be into the wind.テつ The back nine is okay.テつ The green is not very hard on the front nine.テつ Front nine is going to be challenging on the front nine.
I think I hit one bogey today and then I think it's five birdies and one eagle and then one bogey.テつ I think really enjoyed it and very nice today, really I think solid day for me today, as well.テつ I think very happy with that and no complaints at all.テつ The course is fantastic.テつ Certainly you need to be I think lucky with the draw, like morning and afternoon, going to be a little bit different.テつ Morning going to be quite easy this morning here.

Q.テつ Do you like links courses?
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:テつ I think I learn a lot how to play links courses.テつ I love it to play a links course anyway.テつ I try my best to play well in a links course.テつ That's the main thing.

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