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July 11, 2013

Chris Doak


CHRIS DOAK:テつ Great start to the tournament, especially when the wind got up this afternoon on the front nine.

Q.テつ You've been conscious that the wind was picking up and you'd have seen all the other scores no doubt?
CHRIS DOAK:テつ I've seen the scores in the morning.テつ I'm sure they had some kind of wind, but it was good from the 18th, my ninth through to the finish was good.

Q.テつ What made the difference?
CHRIS DOAK:テつ A few bounces here, a few bounces there, a few putts rolled in, an eagle at the second from about 50 feet up the hill.テつ So that gave me a bit of confidence.

Q.テつ That was a birdie, eagle, birdie run there, wasn't it, and you started climbing up that leaderboard.
CHRIS DOAK:テつ Yeah, just got a wee bit stale between that.

Q.テつ Do you like Castle Stuart?
CHRIS DOAK:テつ It's the first time I've ever played it.テつ Playing in the practise round, it's great.テつ You look out at that, how can you be mad on a golf course looking at that.テつ It's a great place.テつ I've always loved it up this way, Inverness area.

Q.テつ Presumably you relish playing links again?
CHRIS DOAK:テつ Definitely, when I used to come up this area, we used to play Skibo Castle and Dornoch, and this is up there with both of them.テつ It's really enjoyable.

Q.テつ Of course we always get weather like this, don't we?
CHRIS DOAK:テつ Every time of the year, every month of the year (laughing).
Anything under par for the first round is the goal, and once those putts roll in, it's nice to get it to 6‑under.テつ So very pleased.

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