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July 11, 2013

John Parry


Q.  Fast start to your round, four birdies in the first six holes, what was the key?
JOHN PARRY:  I think just wedge play and iron play.  I think missed maybe another chance as well inside, and that's what I knew coming into this event to work on, because off the tee, it's quite generous, so you can work on your short irons and wedges and you can take lots of chances.

Q.  What were you feeling as the round was progressing and with you were getting more and more under par?
JOHN PARRY:  Probably not to think is the best thing to do; you're playing well, so just keep going with the flow type thing and that's all I did really.

Q.  You last your card the end of 2011, played a bit of Challenge Tour last year, back on the main tour this year courtesy of winning the Tour School.  What's your attitude coming into this year, different to previous years you've been on the main tour?
JOHN PARRY:  Yeah, I think you know what it's all about.  I think from when I lost my card, maybe panicked a bit coming into the last few events because you know you're struggling.  Just making sure you do the right things constantly and you'll get the results.

Q.  There shouldn't be element of surprise because you've been playing well of late, haven't you?
JOHN PARRY:  Yeah, I've been playing better.  I think the U.S. Open was the catalyst for me to start playing better, making cuts.  Get four rounds under your belt, you start playing more, you start getting better results.

Q.  It does build confidence, and you have the self‑belief once again?
JOHN PARRY:  Yeah, obviously it's renowned for being the toughest event of the year; you know if you can compete on that, you know you can compete on any course.  It's good for your confidence.

Q.  Nice playing on links once again?
JOHN PARRY:  It is, yeah, it's like amateur days again, unless you play the British Open, you don't get many other chances.  So it's always nice to get back and hit some chip‑and‑runs and stuff.
I find it easier to sort of see shots and when you get in trouble, you can sort of use banks and stuff to get out of trouble.  I quite like this type of golf.

Q.  And the 64 will certainly stand test of time here, won't it?
JOHN PARRY:  I hope so.  I feel someone might join me by the end of the day, maybe go past me, but it's going to be up there.

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