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July 11, 2013

James Morrison


Q.テつ Tell us about the start?
JAMES MORRISON:テつ Yeah, very good start.テつ It's one of the courses you know scoring is going to be low with no wind at all.テつ So just head down and go as low as you can, really.

Q. テつDo you find yourself saying you have to be aggressive from the start?
JAMES MORRISON:テつ It's weird, you become almost even more patient or more relaxed, because you know that the golf course is there to be taken.テつ Just enjoyable to play really sometimes knowing that you're never going to shoot too bad of a score, and as long as you play well, you can shoot a good score.
So going from to two ends of the scale from last week to this week, the hardest to the easiest I think, but that's golf.

Q.テつ Last week in Paris was very linksy at times but very tight, and you played well there.
JAMES MORRISON:テつ Yeah, I've played well there in the past, and the golf course suits me.テつ I played really well.テつ Just hit a couple of bad shots here and that's the sort of golf course that just punishes you so heavily.テつ This year was the hardest we've ever seen it.

Q.テつ With France in mind, is it the kind of thing that even though you know you've beaten yourself about some things that have got a way, you can take away so many positives?
JAMES MORRISON:テつ Massively.テつ It's a week where so many guys come away thinking they could have won, where most weeks, five or six guys say, I could have won that week.テつ But most guys get in a position where they can actually win.テつ I think minus one finished Top‑10.
It's such a hard golf course that if you're not quite on your game Saturday or Sunday, it can bite you.テつ A lot of positives to take from it, yeah.

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