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July 11, 2013

Roger Chapman


MODERATOR:テつ Roger Chapman, 4 over, 74.

Q.テつ Roger, could you just talk about the group overall?テつ No one made anything on the greens.テつ Any reason as to why that happened today?
ROGER CHAPMAN:テつ I think pretty much we didn't knock it close enough.テつ They were beginning to go a bit, the greens.テつ They've got to put maybe a bit more water on them tonight because they're burning out, they're drying up a little bit.テつ And they look fast, but they actually putted slowly, or slow.テつ So it was difficult to hole a putt.
And I drove the ball‑‑ I drove the ball terrible today but managed to somehow hit 15 greens.テつ So a 74 was probably the best I could actually do out there.テつ It was a tough old day.

Q.テつ Roger, you were seven shots behind, defending your title.テつ What do you need to do to maybe correct that and get back into contention?
ROGER CHAPMAN:テつ First of all, I've got to sort my driving out.テつ If I can do that and shoot 66 tomorrow morning, 67, then all of a sudden you're back in it.テつ But the way I'm driving the ball at the moment, it's going to be a struggle.テつ So hopefully I'll find something in 15 minutes when I go on the range.

Q.テつ Roger, a lot of guys have been talking about the hills and undulation of the greens.テつ Give us a sense of how hilly the course is.
ROGER CHAPMAN:テつ It is hilly, but it's sort of‑‑ start on the tee, and you go down, and then you go up to the green.テつ I think a lot of the caddies with the heat as well, they're going to be very tired come Sunday night.
But the hardest part is actually walking down the hill.テつ Your shins begin to sort of ache a bit.テつ But it's not too bad.テつ Not too bad.

Q.テつ In May you said that the winner of this tournament is going to be the guy that's most physically fit.テつ Do you still believe that?
ROGER CHAPMAN:テつ That will be part of it, yeah.テつ And somebody that drives the ball really well.テつ If he can keep it on the fairway, then he's got chances of sort of knocking it in close and making some putts.
But I thought the greens this afternoon were very difficult to putt on.テつ So maybe the morning guys will have a little bit of problems tomorrow afternoon.

Q.テつ Roger, when the ball goes in the rough, is it going all the way down?
ROGER CHAPMAN:テつ You can get lucky.テつ You can get lucky.テつ I hit it a few times in the rough today and managed to somehow sort of get out of it.テつ I hit it so far offline, I'm walking down where the crowds were walking.テつ So it wasn't too bad.
But, yeah, there was a couple guys I saw that were, you know, the ball went down deep and were struggling to get out.

Q.テつ Speaking of the crowds, I know you've addressed this, but today, just compared‑‑ for a Senior golf, the size and support, compared to what you're used to or have ever seen?
ROGER CHAPMAN:テつ It was fabulous.テつ Going in, Freddy and I were commenting going down the first fairway.テつ It was just magnificent.テつ All the crowds came out.テつ He turned around and said this is a proper tournament now.
I don't know how many people were on the golf course today, but it just, the support that everybody was getting, all the players and, you know, just the enthusiasm of them all was fantastic.

Q.テつ You had a couple of practice rounds.テつ When you got on the 1st tee, what was it like hearing your name as defending champion?
ROGER CHAPMAN:テつ It was obviously a special moment.テつ I felt quite good on the 1st tee.テつ I thought I'd be a bit worse than that, but I was very nervous at Bellerive for the U.S. PGA.テつ Maybe I sort of got used to it.テつ But I felt better than I thought I was going to be.

Q.テつ How did you get that shot?
ROGER CHAPMAN:テつ One of the fairways I hit.テつ And I hit a good shot down there and then just missed the putt for birdie.テつ So it would have been an ideal start.テつ But a 74, it's not great, but it's not disastrous.テつ As I said, you can shoot 66, 67 tomorrow morning, and then all of a sudden you're back in it.

Q.テつ Thank you.
ROGER CHAPMAN:テつ Thanks, guys.

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