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July 11, 2013

Camilo Villegas


DOUG MILNE:テつ We'd like to welcome Camilo Villegas into the interview room after a 7‑under par round today at the John Deere Classic.テつ Camilo, can we get your comments on the round today, please.
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ Made some great putts and just kept out of trouble.テつ The golf course is a little receptive, and you could be aggressive today, and I'm sure you're going to see some good scoring.テつ But I was very pleased with the way I handled myself out there.テつ It was nice, relaxed, chill attitude, and I enjoyed every single bit of the round.

Q.テつ Back at the time of the BMW and the TOUR Championship you were red hot.テつ How close to that form are you now?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ Well, if you go by form, nowhere near close, but it depends how you look at it.テつ It's the game of golf.テつ Nobody is immune to having ups and downs, and yes, the last year and a half hasn't been the best result‑wise for me, but I've been working hard, and I do feel like my game is getting closer.テつ So that's always exciting.

Q.テつ Is it just the results that are missing or is it something in your form?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ Let me tell you, I wish I knew.テつ It's the game of golf.テつ It's a messed‑up game.テつ It's a great game, but if we had the answers to‑‑ sometimes there's just really no answer.テつ It is what it is.テつ You make a little mistake here, you make a little mistake there, you start adding, and the numbers just don't add.テつ You have great confidence, you lose a tiny little bit of confidence, then you add the numbers, and guess what, the numbers don't add.テつ So there's so many things that can go one way or the other.
I truly believe that sometimes we overanalyze.テつ When guys start playing bad, guess what:テつ They start getting a lot of calls, and I can help you, and then you've got the mental coach, you've got the golf swing coach, you've got the fitness trainer.テつ You've got all these people that everybody seems to have the answer, and nobody has the answer, it's only you.テつ It's all about just kind of relaxing, enjoying it, and playing a little bit more as a kid.テつ If I have to sum it up, that would be what I would say.

Q.テつ You used the word relaxed; how important is being relaxed to playing well for you?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ Well, when I mean relaxed, I mean there's a lot behind that word.テつ It's not only just physical relaxed but just mentally relaxed and just kind of enjoying it.テつ It's just trying not to get too tense out there.テつ Tension is no good in this game, and just‑‑ I think it definitely helps to keep the flow going.

Q.テつ Are you taking the Bubba Watson course, no coach, no psychologist?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ No, not at all.テつ Bubba and I could not be more different.

Q.テつ But when you talk about overanalyzing, have you kind of stepped back from all the psychology‑‑
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ No, I keep working at it.テつ I work hard with my golf instructor, I work hard with my sports psychologist, I work hard with the team.テつ It's just when it comes to playing, it's just time to play.テつ It's not just time to come out ‑‑ it's not rocket science when you tee it up on the first tee.テつ Before that you just analyze and you try to get good at it without putting too much pressure on yourself.

Q.テつ How much work have you had to do on your physical swing?テつ Are you going through changes there?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ No.テつ It's the game of golf; you're always tweaking with it.テつ Just when you think you're driving it great, all of a sudden your short game gets a little off.テつ Just when you think your short game is great, your mid‑irons get a little off.テつ You're always messing around, but I'm never a guy that's‑‑ I'm never a guy with too many thoughts on my head.テつ I always try to go baby steps and little thoughts that will just slowly get me to where I want.

Q.テつ Is all that a little bit easier said than done when there's so much on the line?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ Let me tell you, in this game, everything is a lot easier said than done.テつ (Laughter.)
But that's why we love it.

Q.テつ Has that made it more difficult as you try to compact everything and not make it as difficult as it needs to be?テつ You've had some success out here at the highest level.
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ Yeah, no, no, no, let's tweak it around.テつ Guys, I'm playing well, I'm having fun and I'm enjoying being out here.テつ I just go one day at a time, one tournament at a time, and I just try to keep the flow.テつ This job is great when you're playing good.テつ It kicks your butt when you're not performing.テつ But you can kick your butt even harder when things are not going good.テつ So I'm trying not to be that guy that kicks my butt a little bit harder, just enjoys every second of it, and guess what, the results are coming back.テつ I'm feeling better.テつ I'm posting some good rounds, and I'm getting more consistent.

Q.テつ What brought you back here, and what kept you away?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ Well, I like it here.テつ It was my first check on the PGA TOUR, this tournament, in 2004.テつ 2004 I got an invite here, so I made my first check on the PGA TOUR here, and I've always tried to come back.テつ Sometimes it's a little hard scheduling‑wise, and yes, when I was playing both tours, to me it made sense to go there and play Scottish Open and British Open, that way I could get two out of the equation for my European Tour membership, and those were the years that I missed here.テつ Other than that, I've been coming.
DOUG MILNE:テつ Camilo, we appreciate your time.

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