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July 11, 2013

Bernhard Langer


MODERATOR:テつ Okay.テつ 2 under par 68 today, Bernhard Langer.

Q.テつ I like the shirt.テつ How did you like your round?
BERNHARD LANGER:テつ Similar to my shirt, a little bit up and down, the round.テつ I had a bad start.テつ Hit a poor tee shot on 10, made bogey, and that was my first hole.テつ Then made another bogey.テつ I was 2 over after about four holes and played very solid from there on in.
Very unfortunate on No. 2, after hitting a perfect drive and a really good 3 wood on the par 5, and it plunked just this much short in the bunker, in the lip, and blasted over the green, made 6 after hitting two really good shots.テつ So that was disappointing.テつ But the rest of the round was really good.

Q.テつ Obviously, a long ways to go.テつ Do you like where you sit right now?
BERNHARD LANGER:テつ Oh, yeah.テつ The first few rounds, it's just a matter of not losing the tournament.テつ You don't win it the first round or the second round.テつ You can lose it by shooting a high number.テつ So it's just a matter of playing smart and staying in contention and hopefully turn it on on the weekend.

Q.テつ You mentioned yesterday about the rough being thick.テつ Did it play that way again today?
BERNHARD LANGER:テつ Oh, yeah.テつ The rough didn't change overnight.テつ I don't think it dies off.テつ It actually grows more, if anything.テつ So the rough is the same.テつ The good news was I didn't spend much time in it.

Q.テつ You guys had a huge following out there, the marquee group.テつ Can you talk about the support you got?
BERNHARD LANGER:テつ I think it's terrific, you know, outpouring of people here.テつ It's phenomenal, even though Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, there were many, many thousands of people here.テつ Today, the fairways were lined everywhere.テつ The grandstands are full.テつ Fantastic turnout.テつ It's a lot of fun to play in front of that many people.

Q.テつ Thank you.
BERNHARD LANGER:テつ You're welcome.

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