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July 10, 2013

Bill Gammell


Q.テつ Why has Paul Lawrie got the award?
SIR BILL GAMMELL:テつ Paul has got the award because of the sustained efforts throughout his career.テつ Winning Scotland Foundation is trying to teach people that winning is about trying to be the best that you want to be.テつ Not winning for the sake of winning but just always trying to be the very best.
Paul had a stunning victory in the British Open and then came back to be a star in The Ryder Cup, and those things, really, I think are inspirational.テつ They are aspirational and they show the strength and mental courage.
He also is trying to put something back into the game and the community, trying to help young people understand that through life, you will achieve what you want to achieve through the success of sustained effort.テつ That's why he got the award.

Q.テつ Seems to work on several levels.テつ There's a longevity about Paul, as well, and with the Foundation taking that somewhere else.
SIR BILL GAMMELL:テつ Yeah, it's about learning and it's about demonstrating the lessons that you've learned and teaching young people that success is not something that's a sprint; it's a marathon.
If you see Andy Murray's success in Wimbledon, that, again, was about great courage, great mental strength as well as enormous talent.テつ But he has put in a huge amount of effort over a long period of time, and success is about sustained effort, and I think Paul above many people demonstrates that every day of his life.

Q.テつ Who have been other winners?テつ Put this in context?
SIR BILL GAMMELL:テつ Bill Walker got the award last year for fantastic coaching in athletics, and the year before that Willie Allan got the award for the incredible effort he put in, back even in high school, of providing sport across the school and encouraging young people to realise that it is about their individual effort to become the best that they can be.
Sport is a wonderful place to teach life lessons, and I think that's important.テつ And so we are really looking at the embodiment and the values of the individuals to get the awards.テつ Paul was a worthy winner because of really what happened in The Ryder Cup, dating back to what he did in the British Open.
And over that long period of time, just through sustained effort, providing that inspiration and that aspiration to young people, I want to see young people succeed in society.テつ I think it's about their mental strength.テつ They just need someone to turn the light up and to tell them that if they put in the effort, they can achieve extraordinary things.
This weekend has been amazing for British and Scottish sport, Andy Murray and the British Lions.テつ You look back to what Justin Rose has achieved recently; I think in Britain, but particularly in Scotland, there's no bar to what we can achieve.テつ The bar is in our mind, so it's about having the right mental attitude and right toughness to achieve that.

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