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July 4, 2004

Meg Mallon


RHONDA GLENN: Congratulations, I know it's been a few minutes, has it had time to soak in, how do you feel?

MEG MALLON: Just amazed. I just can't believe the day that I had today. I knew it was in me, I just didn't know I could put 18 holes together like that. To do that was just so gratifying, I just can't explain it.

RHONDA GLENN: Considering the golf course, the event and the competition, is this the best you've ever played.

MEG MALLON: This is pretty darn close. I really scrambled the first day, and I think that was the key day in my whole week was keeping it 2-over par for the tournament, I knew I didn't shoot myself out of it the first day and kept telling myself to hang in there. And, man, today was just magical.

RHONDA GLENN: Was today the best you've ever played?

MEG MALLON: It has to rank right up there with one of the best rounds I've played, certainly the last Open I shot 4-under to come from behind and win. And that was equally as magical. But today was pretty special playing in the last group.

Q. The oldest winner, the longest between wins, the lowest round for a winner in the closing round. How did you do that?

MEG MALLON: I don't know. It was a ball doing it.

Q. A gentleman on the green described it as a flawless round. Was it flawless, was there anything in there that you would consider a mistake?

MEG MALLON: Oh, you know, absolutely. You never feel like you hit a perfect golf shot. But certainly I managed myself today better than I probably ever have on a golf course.

Even when I missed a fairway, I put myself in a position to get back in play. And even if I missed a chip shot, then I made the putt after that. So everything was in all cylinders today, for sure.

Q. You also responded when asked, did you expect to win a title at age 41, you said, "Absolutely".

MEG MALLON: Sure, why not? I look at Juli Inkster as one of my people to look up to, because she's won about 4 major championships in her 40s, certain players are playing longer and maintaining their games at, I guess, an older age.

Q. Can you talk about two or three key moments, that you thought were key moments in your round today?

MEG MALLON: You know, everything was right. I missed the first green and I hit the pin on my chip shot. And that was a tap-in for me.

And then to make a 54 foot bomb on the fourth hole.

It was one thing after another. And I also was helped out by the fact that Annika and Kelly Robbins were pressing me also, they were playing great golf, too. There was never any letdown in my mind. I think that's why I just kept throwing it at the hole and hoping good things happened.

End of FastScripts.

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