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July 9, 2013

Stephen Gallacher


STEPHEN GALLACHER:テつ Good to be back in sunny Scotland for The Scottish Open this week.

Q.テつ How is the heat going into the afternoon?
STEPHEN GALLACHER:テつ It's really hot just now.テつ There's a nice wind to sort of keep you interested and it's playing quite tough actually.

Q.テつ I'm always interested to find out how the home players approach their open, because everybody comes to Castle Stuart and thinks, oh, fantastic; is there pressure on the home boys this week.
STEPHEN GALLACHER:テつ Yeah, well, there's always pressure anyway.テつ Especially when you're Scottish, as well.テつ Look at Andy Murray last week.テつ He had the whole of Britain pressurising and he came through it.テつ You have to use it to your advantage.テつ If you can't get up for playing a course like this and the Scottish fans, there's something wrong.

Q.テつ You're telling me that the whole of Britain wasn't be pushing Stephen Gallacher on this week?
STEPHEN GALLACHER:テつ Well, I don't know about that.テつ There will be a few of my friends up, any ways, family, so there will be some good crowds, especially with the weather like this.テつ It will be a great turnout.

Q.テつ This is a course that's come under a bit of criticism from certain European Tour players over the last few days.テつ What do you make of the view of Graeme McDowell that The Scottish Open has lost its prestige?
STEPHEN GALLACHER:テつ Well, that's his opinion, isn't it.テつ Nothing to do with me.テつ Everybody prepares differently.テつ You know, some guys don't play before The Open, some guys go fishing; some guys like to play.テつ The last two Open Champions have played here, so it's almost like if you want to get in The Open, you need to play here‑‑ if you want to win it, anyway.
Graeme is entitled to his opinion, and I think it's a great field and a great track, so I can't wait for it.

Q.テつ Do you think it has lost a wee bit of prestige in a sport with value so much on the WGCs and the majors?
STEPHEN GALLACHER:テつ No, I think this is a fifth major for any Scot playing this week.テつ There's 18 of us playing this week and I don't think any will think it's devalued.

Q.テつ You said you needed to do well here to get into The Open; from your point of view you don't need to worry about it this week.テつ Congratulations.
STEPHEN GALLACHER:テつ Yeah, thanks very much.テつ That was a bit of a distraction I got off my mind yesterday, one eye on who is doing well, I can then focus on trying to do as well as I can this week.テつ Having been first reserve and getting John Daly's spot, fantastic.

Q.テつ What is it like when you're feeling low, that you've missed out on The Open Championship, and you get a phone call to say, by the way, good 'ole John Daly means that you can get in.
STEPHEN GALLACHER:テつ Well, I had a few tears the night before, so I wasn't feeling that low‑‑ well, I knew I had just lost out to Marc‑‑ well, not to Marc really.テつ I knew I had just lost out on the Sunday night.テつ So I had a few beers with a few of my caddies, pals and that.テつ Then found out I was first reserve on Monday morning, which was like a great bonus.
I knew I had kind of a chance with that, with the winner here and John Deere; and to get told so early in the week that you are in was great because then I can just park it.テつ Look forward to it next week obviously but just try to get on with the job at hand here this week.

Q.テつ A number of years for a winner at Wimbledon, we've waited a few years as well for a Scottish winner, is it time for that to change this week?
STEPHEN GALLACHER:テつ I hope it's not 70 years before the next Scot winner.テつ You never know; 18 guys playing in the field, we have a good chance.テつ The more people you get in it, the more chance you have of a Scot knocking it off, so here's hoping.

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