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July 6, 2013

Richard Green


Q.テつ Presumably all is well with you after three days here?
RICHARD GREEN:テつ It's been some nice golf for a change.テつ I haven't played very well this year, and struggled with my game a lot, and you know, I've started to feel like in practise coming into this week that things are turning around a bit for me in my hitting.テつ I got here early in the week, and the putting has come good, and it's been nice to sort of put a few rounds together and see some nice shots for a change.

Q.テつ The scores suggest there's some nice solidity and you are not finding the rubbish too often and keeping it on the straight and narrow.
RICHARD GREEN:テつ That's one part of my game that's working well this week is my driving, my driver and my 3‑wood is working very well.テつ I hit one errant shot on 10 today and cost myself a bit of a messy hole.
But you know, hopefully it doesn't cost me tomorrow.テつ It's working well and when I can keep it under control and safe like it is, that's the way it get around this course.
When I've played my best, I have been always in play, and from the start of this year, pretty much up to this week, I haven't played well.
I injured myself in Morocco at the start of the year and battled with a shoulder injury and a bit of a dodgy left elbow at the moment, too.テつ It's feeling good this week.テつ The temperature is helping me a little bit, and you know, just get out there tomorrow and do the best I can.
I was playing pretty nicely and felt my game was in good shape through Dubai and the start of the year and that was a bigger setback than I thought.テつ I've fallen over a few times in games at home and mucking around with my friends, but I didn't think that I was that fragile.テつ But that set me back a while.テつ But it's coming good now.

Q.テつ How did you do the elbow?
RICHARD GREEN:テつ It's just wear and tear.テつ Just something that happens to golfers in their 40s.テつ You just start to wear out; I've hit so many balls in my life, that your joints take a pounding.テつ I think that's what it is.

Q.テつ What's necessary in the final round?
RICHARD GREEN:テつ Just the same as what I'm doing.テつ Keeping it in play, keeping the temperament under control and positive talk to myself between shots, I've been doing that all week, which is nice.

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