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July 5, 2013

Simon Dyson


Q.テつ Good scoring, isn't it, around here?
SIMON DYSON:テつ Yeah, it's a really good, strong test of golf.テつ Bogey‑free today, which was really nice.テつ I managed to hole a good putt on 8, and then I made a 2‑putt on 9 and managed to get away bogey‑free, which around any course is nice, but around here, I'm really pleased with that.

Q.テつ One of those courses where the saves are every bit as good as some of the birdies, really.
SIMON DYSON:テつ Without a doubt.テつ I had some good saves today.テつ I made a couple of good saves, 17 was huge.テつ I drove it in the rough and just chipped it out, played a bump‑and‑run to about 15 feet and managed to roll that in for my par and it just keeps you going.
It just really keeps you going.テつ Up‑and‑downed it on 18 for par.テつ And yeah, just kept plugging along, and managed to pick up a shot here and there, and, yeah, it was a good day.

Q.テつ You were saying in Austria that you were playing good golf; that it was just a fair bit too much mediocre golf, as well.テつ I guess the balance is shifting nicely?
SIMON DYSON:テつ It was a lot better golf over the last two days.テつ Today was as good as I've played probably all year.テつ There was a lot of mediocre golf, but, my‑‑ I wasn't making the saves like I did today.テつ I made a lot of good saves, and I haven't been doing that for a good 14 months now.
So it shows a little bit of work on the short game, and it's amazing what can happen.テつ So I'm going to persist with that the rest of the year because I'm hitting it all right.
You've just got to get the ball in the hole at the end of the day; and putting is half the game and short game is half the game.テつ So if I can play like that for the rest of the year, it should be okay.

Q.テつ And it is in a busy run, because you intended to play one after another after another, after another, just to keep it honed and get the rhythm.
SIMON DYSON:テつ Yeah, I've maybe gone one too far.テつ Maybe shouldn't have gone to St. Omer.テつ This is my eighth in a row, but I don't feel too bad.テつ I've had a few weekends off the last through weeks, so I don't feel too bad.テつ And I flew in here Wednesday morning, so I came as late as I could, and it's probably done me a bit of good.
Like I said, I came here with not great expectations having not done so well around here over the last five or six years, and it's amazing what can happen.

Q.テつ Essentially you know this course just so well anyway, having visited on other occasions?
SIMON DYSON:テつ Yeah, that's why I had flew in on Wednesday.テつ If I had never seen the course, I would have flown in Tuesday without a doubt.テつ I've played here plenty of times and they have never changed anything here because they don't need to.テつ It's such a fantastic test of golf and it's going to be a fantastic Ryder Cup venue.

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