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July 5, 2013

Fabrizio Zanotti


Q.テつ Tell me how pleased you are with a round like this today.
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ Very happy.テつ I struggled a little from the tee but I put very good during the day and pretty happy with the round.テつ It was pretty tough out there, and the course is playing very hard, so very happy.

Q.テつ Well, that is very good scoring to reach 6‑under and lead the tournament, isn't it, at this stage.
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ Yeah, I think it's a very good score.テつ So I will try to keep playing like this and just have fun.

Q.テつ We know how talented a player you are; you must know that.テつ But this year, things haven't really worked.テつ What's made the difference this week?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ I've been working a lot since‑‑ I didn't play very good during the year, but I'm working very hard and I think this is because of all the work I am making.

Q.テつ You are always positive, aren't you?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ Yeah, I am always positive.

Q.テつ Because I know it's a game that can tie you in knots when you're doing the work and not seeing the results.
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ Yeah, it's pretty tough to keep working when you are not playing good, but that is the way all the guys play good.テつ So you have to keep working to get where you want.

Q.テつ First day was good, as well, and you've built from that today.
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ Yeah, first day, I hit a little better maybe.テつ I have a good stretch of four holes in a row when I was finishing my round yesterday.テつ But yeah, it was very good yesterday, also.テつ The putting has been very good.

Q.テつ Tell me what's needed for the weekend.
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ On a course like this, I think that you have to accept everything.テつ It's playing very tough and the greens are getting hard, so it's going to be very hard.テつ Like I said, keep patient and have fun.テつ There is no other way I think.

Q.テつ You've tended to have fun when you've been in the lead before, haven't you; you seem to enjoy the atmospheres?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ Yeah, I enjoy.テつ I like to be there.

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