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July 4, 2013

Thomas Bjorn


Q.  How much satisfaction do you take out of a round like this to start?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Yeah, it was nice.  I played really well early on in the round.  First ten holes, I was really solid and never really made any mistakes.  Then I lost a few shots here and there coming in, but managed to save some really good pars on 11, 14, 17 and 18.
But that's got the confidence at the moment and I holed a few good putts to save par, and that's the difference between shooting 68 and 72.

Q.  Certainly seems one of those courses where that's every bit as important; it's how you preserve your score as well as advance it.
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Absolutely.  It's a great golf course.  It's probably one of the best golf courses that we do play, but it asks that question all the time, and if you start doubting yourself a little bit on this golf course, you can run up some numbers.
You just have to keep going, and it's important to know that especially with the finish on this golf course that it's an 18‑hole round, and not just 12 or 13 holes.  You've got to get all the way to the end.  There's no let‑off on that end, and you've just got to try and make your pars.
But I said to my caddie this morning, let's go and play some sensible golf clubs off the tees and let's just try to make some pars.  By the looks of this morning, par on every hole was a good score.  So let's just do it sensible and not get ahead of ourselves, and you can certainly play your way out of this golf tournament very early.
It's a question of sticking in it for the first few days and see where you are come the weekend.

Q.  Given your form at the moment, I assume you don't doubt yourself too much?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  No, but you have to stand up and be comfortable with what you're doing on this golf course.  It's tight and firm, and that's not always the greatest combination, so a little bit of doubt sneaks in here and there and there are some extremely difficult tee shots on this golf course, so you've got to stand up and take on those lines.  You know, sometimes that can be a bit difficult for 18 holes.

Q.  It is a little bit down the road, but is this a good Ryder Cup venue?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Fantastic.  You know, I think France will show that The Ryder Cup can be taken to new levels, if that's even possible.  This city and this golf course and the people behind it, it's all there for a magnificent Ryder Cup.

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