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July 8, 2004

Meg Mallon


THE MODERATOR: Meg, thanks for coming and joining us. 7 under. You just won the U.S. Open and you didn't miss a beat. 7 birdies. Just another great day with the putter or what was working for you?

MEG MALLON: Actually, these are the best conditioned greens we've seen all year. Probably the only other tournament we've had was in Phoenix where the greens are this good. Right from the beginning I made about a 9 footer for birdie on the first hole and the ball just rolled so smoothly and it was just nice to get on these greens and watch them go in.

Q. U.S. Open, Canadian Open, it doesn't matter what side of the border, it seems.

MEG MALLON: I like playing here in Canada. As you know, I've had great success here and enjoy playing in front of the Canadian fans. They're great golf fans. It was a treat. I didn't know how today was going to be for me, just the way this week has been. The Pro Am was my only practice round and really my only time to see the golf course. I have to give a lot of credit to my caddie John who did a lot of work. I called him my seeing eye dog today because he had to basically tell me how the golf course moved around, because I only got to see it once.

Q. You have said, I think it was Tuesday, that you were worried, or you knew that your body was going to crash at some point?


Q. It wasn't apparent today, was it?

MEG MALLON: No, actually it helped that I had a late Pro Am and a late starting time today. I actually got three really good nights of rest. Today I felt like my legs were back with me again.

Q. Do you feel you played really well?

MEG MALLON: I did. I managed the golf course very well today. I hit some good shots in the right spots. On these greens you can get over some undulations or get caught on, you know, short siding yourself a little bit, and I managed the ball really well today and gave myself a lot of birdie opportunities.

Q. Talking about carrying on what you did at the U.S. Open, is that common that you can carry over something you did last week, or when you start a new tournament do you start over or are you able to bring momentum?

MEG MALLON: Well, it's such a humbling game and that's where experience helps. I knew that I needed to rest. That was the most important thing this week, after a week like last week. So I did that, and again, having a great caddie like John with the preparation part really helped for today's round.

Q. Obviously, you also said at some point the hole wouldn't look like a bucket and reality would set in. Any sign of that today?

MEG MALLON: It was nice. And then on the 6th hole I had a 3 footer and missed it, but I'm certainly not going to complain about that, because I made some really good putts before that. Yeah, it's really nice to feel good over the putter, because it has not been like that all year, and then to have it happen on the weekend of the Open and carry into this week has been a lot of fun.

Q. Do you wonder when this is going to stop?


Q. It's like a no hitter?

MEG MALLON: Yes, you have to carry your momentum and know how to handle that. When you're playing well, you have to go with it and don't fight it. Certainly that's what I'd like to do this week.

Q. Without getting into any specific details or anything like that, on 16, when your partner kept dropping the ball and rolling it, you kind of demonstrated like that motherly type of taking control.

MEG MALLON: You didn't read that in the Sports Illustrated article.

Q. You took control, as far as grabbing the official and things like that. Is that just your nature?

MEG MALLON: I just wanted to make sure she didn't do the wrong thing. I knew the rule. She hit it into the hazard and she was able to drop on the side of the green. And I knew the rule that if the ball rolled back into the hazard she could place it after two drops, but I didn't know when she placed it, it then rolled like this far, and I didn't know if the ball was still in play or not. I've seen so many strange things happen out here, and there was an official right over there, and I said don't touch it, don't do the wrong thing, and Robert Smith came over and helped her out, and it turned out it was a really long ruling because she did have to put it back in the place where it rolled out off and it wouldn't stay there. And that's why it took them so long, because they had to find it must have been the 15th spot that they finally found where the ball didn't roll and where it would stay. I learned something new there.

Q. Your good deed for the day?

MEG MALLON: We all do that for each other. We know better, because getting a penalty or getting disqualified, you don't want that to happen to anybody out here.

Q. Was 7 under anywhere in the realm of your mind?

MEG MALLON: I had no idea how this course was going to play out. When you play a new golf course like this, you don't have a feel for what the scores are going to be like. I saw some good scores this morning when I got in. I thought, well, it must be fairly receptive today.

I don't know about y'alls weather here, but the weather changed about 10 times today. I don't know if the lake effect does that, but we had rain and then the wind has picked up now, and it felt it was 60 degrees and it felt like it was 80 degrees at some point. I have a feeling that's what the whole week is going to be like, we are going to have to adapt to the weather conditions and changes.

End of FastScripts.

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