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July 3, 2013

Marcel Siem


Q.  What were your first thoughts on stepping back through that gate and the scene from last year?
MARCEL SIEM:  It was fantastic.  Last year when I left, it was super sunny and great weather.  I arrived here and it was not the best weather, but straightaway, you feel the atmosphere again and all the memories from last year.  After the prize ceremony, I was sitting in the restaurant and had a glass of champagne with my wife and my caddie, and David Probyn came over, as well, and all those pictures came back and it was fantastic.  It was nice.

Q.  Hugely special, wasn't it, last year?
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, it was.  Winning a tournament is always nice, but I think to win this one, and especially Raphaël Jacquelin, Stenson‑‑ I was not leading like in Morocco.  I was not leading by four shots or something.
So there was a lot of pressure, very intense, and when you have the stadium around the 18th with all the spectators, it's very special.  It's very cool.

Q.  We've seen your determination to go well, just about every week, but particularly just two weeks ago, and you certainly felt the pressure of that one, tried to enjoy it, didn't quite work out.  How is the state of mind going into a defence of a title?
MARCEL SIEM:  I can't tell you.  It's nine years ago that I defended a title, so it's going to be something new for me.  I just want to really enjoy it.
I think I learned my lesson at Munich; I just tried too hard.  I played nicely and my putting was so poorly; I three 3‑putts on Sunday, and still finished only five shots behind the leader.
So I was really upset but I learned my lesson there, not to put too much pressure on myself.  And especially in the putting you feel it.
It's a fantastic field and I think they did a great job to get this field, and a lot of big guns playing this week, and just try to compete against them and try to lift the trophy again.

Q.  You do sound marvelously relaxed at the moment, but will you still be come Thursday morning?
MARCEL SIEM:  I hope so (laughing).  No, I will be.  I learned a lot, and I'm not that nervous anymore in big tournaments, which helps to play better.  I just hope I have a good start again, because this was a little bit of a few hiccups all year.
Morocco was the only tournament where I had a great start and won it, and it's always nice, especially for me, to keep being relaxed in a way.  So a good round on Thursday helps and to play better golf, maybe don't try to force too much.

Q.  What is it about Le Golf National that suits you?
MARCEL SIEM:  You really have to be on top of things, on top of your game.  It's not really‑‑ everybody thinks I love these bombing golf courses but it's really not the case.  Every hole you have to get one side out of play, and most of the time, left is the danger.
I just changed my ball flight from left‑to‑right again.  At Munich I had a big draw to get distance.  It's just so intense, every shot you have to be careful what you do, and I just love that.

Q.  So much more discipline involved here.
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, all the time.  This is like a major.  It's not as bad as U.S. Open, but you have to be careful all the time.  I like that.  You have to think your way around the golf course.  I think that's the right words.

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